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temp0rary are a band that focus more on the creative anarchy of live performances than on the elusive (and increasingly pointless) quest to capture the perfect take in the studio. Our feelings on the current state of the music industry can be read here and here.

Since our inception, temp0rary have been a Not For Profit project; our general feeling can be summed up with “if it’s all about the money then it’s not about the art” so we just decided to take the idea of selling our music out of the equation all together, and provide all music under a Creative Commons licence.

As such, there are no albums to buy, but 2 collections have been created so far – V#15130: [the only constant is change] was a studio recreation of a live performance, and Pr0t0types which is a collection of early sketches of temp0rary tracks before we really knew what we wanted to be.

In addition, we will be uploading all of our sketches and work in progress from this point forward to create an extensive archive of past work at our SoundCloud page, uploading remixes which have been released under the temp0rary name, and curating a continually-evolving “best of” to serve as an introduction to our music which can be found below.

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