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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Mea Non Culpa

The first thing I’m going to do here is stop making any kind of pledge to post here more often. Life just doesn’t work like that for me any more, and I think it’s time to stop apologising for that.

For better or worse, Facebook seems to be an easier platform to keep updated, so most of what we’ve been up to is documented there, but in short, we played at Cheltenham Music Festival (a great show to very few people, sadly), got noise complaints for putting on a performance in a bandstand (Zoetrope), we performed at CRUX for a second time (always great fun, lovely crowd & organisers), played our first wedding, learned how to build and program our own lights, expanded our Bleephaus workshop programme to 2 festivals, created virtual sets for a theatre performance, had our first solo art installation, and designed a stage show for a new awesome band called BAAST.

I suppose that’s quite a lot alongside 2 regular demanding day-jobs, now I reflect back on it.

Another thing I’ve been occasionally involved in is a project called SPACES, with a long-time friend, colleague and musician called George Moorey. He recently took a step back from teaching to focus on his art, and curated a project based around composing 8 pieces of music in response to buildings in Gloucester and its rich heritage. I’ve been in awe of it – and not a little envious of how George has worked so generously with other artists to create not only beautiful music but also rich, valuable documentation of the process. The project has been a joy to be involved in, but the one thing that’s resonating with me most, the day after the launch event last night, is how the stories and the craft of a piece of work can be at least as important as the work itself, if not moreso.

So that might be an early new years’ resolution for me – document the work, tell the story. But then I’m at the start of term, and the day job, as wonderful and exciting as it always is, is about to demand my full attention, so maybe I’ll refer back to my opening comments and just try my best to make more notes as we go.