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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Deafening Silences

So, after a month where we were doing a different performance every weekend, we’ve had chance to finally unpack the hastily disassembled temp0rary toyboxes and catch up on a little sleep. Huge thanks to everyone who came out to see us perform At Her Lady’s Pleasure with Kate Spence, at the 2 Pigs, at FrogFest with Brown Torpedo, our installation for Little Wolf Parade in Nottingham, or came to the first Bleephaus: Assemble night. We’ve done so much in the last 6 months that it’s kinda disorientating.

Between now & Christmas we dont have any further plans to perform, but that doesn’t mean we’re not ready to go if someone happens to ask us. At the moment we are collecting together footage and photos from previous performances and starting to work on what is notionally the first temp0rary ‘album’, although we are hoping to do something typically temp0rary rather than just release a collection of songs like a normal band might.

In the forthcoming weeks we hope to share a short film fromt he performance of At Her Lady’s Pleasure which I have just completed the soundtrack to, and also show off some photos from a shoot we did last weekend of us looking all earnest and pensive, so hopefully this site will be getting a bit of new content in the near future.

We’re also planning a performance in early 2014 with some of our new musical friends, but best not say too much about that for now, lest we accidentally alert the Elder Gods ahead of schedule…