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1. Recordings

It’s entirely possible that the music industry
as we know it will not be around in 10 years time.

Killed by its own insistence that you simply
HAVE to hear all your old vinyl in CD quality,
it inadvertently administered its own poison by
ushering in the era of digital music that was
to be its demise. The music industry would
like you to feel guilty about your part in this.

Home taping never killed music.
Piracy will never kill music.
Music is too strong, too old.
It’s been around since language itself.

The music industry, on the other hand, is a new,
fragile thing. It wants you to believe its existence
is essential for music to thrive and prosper.

Bullshit and shenanigans. Like the financial systems
of the world, the time to see the man behind the curtain
is upon us, and we find a withered old relic that
needs putting out of its misery.

Owning music is a 20th century concept. Get over it.

temp0rary is an idea – the promise that recorded music
as a saleable commodity is obsolete, and then goes
one further – to say the act of attempting to create
one definitive recording of a song or piece of music
is also antiquated, a concept to be dumped in a landfill
with the old wreckage of the music industry and the
30 billion CDs it produces every year.

temp0rary recordings are live performances –
sometimes captured at traditional gigs,
occasionally performed to a select audience,
often in private – featuring pieces of music that are
arranged, manipulated, composed, built and destroyed
in real-time. There may be one version of each track.
Or ten. Or one hundred. Doesn’t matter. Pick the one
you like best. Make your own compilation. No tracklist.
No structure. No payment. No price.

So why is the first release in a CD format, then?

temp0rary is in transition to the point it wants to be in.
What you have here is as it says – the prototypes of tracks.
Next time you hear them they may sound similar, or different,
or unrecogniseable. Sketches for something grander, louder,
more ellborate… or maybe smaller, quieter, more intimate.
The music will change to fit the environment, the audience,
the mood.

So this is what happened before it all happens.
Part 1:
Previously released, semi-complete and remixes
01: temp0rary – Brightmorning 3.18
02: temp0rary – Regime Change 7.13
03: temp0rary – Postcoital 6.47
04: temp0rary – Libidocrush 6.28
05: temp0rary – Recoveryposition 4.39
06: temp0rary – Schizophrene 7.26
07: temp0rary – For Amy 7.48
08: temp0rary – Go [Leave] 5.32
09: temp0rary – Epilogue 7.33
10: Psychophile – All In The Mind 7.11
[temp0rary mix]
11: Xykogen – Mutate & Survive 6.36
[temp0rary mix]

Part 2:
Sketches, Work In Progress, Seed Planting
01: temp0rary – Silk 3 (intern) 5.22
02: temp0rary – Pendulous 3.41
03: temp0rary – hiPjaM 3.04
04: temp0rary – Descendant 4.07
05: temp0rary – Noise of Art 2.56
06: temp0rary – Gritfunk 2.58
07: temp0rary – Orchward 3.39
08: temp0rary – Phased 3.41
09: temp0rary – TestDeck 1.59
10: temp0rary – Poor Impulse Control 3.49
11: temp0rary – Mecha Melody 4.44
12: temp0rary – Percussive Act (v3) 5.54
13: temp0rary – Puppy Time 2.12
14: temp0rary – Starter for 10 1.52
15: temp0rary – This Is Not A Test 7.06
16: temp0rary – StutterSource 2.19
17: temp0rary – Tribulated 1.16
18: temp0rary – Unsettle 3.04

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