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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Autumnal Activities

So, as the winter nights draw in, things actually get easier for us at temp0rary HQ, as our projectors seem that little bit brighter and there are less offers to go to the pub or park for a cheeky evening sunset pint…

bleephaus frogfestWe’ve lined up an excellent run of performances for the autumn months, so here they are, collected so that we can refer back to them as much as anything… hope to see you at some of these events, there’s a lot of awesome to look forward to.

Saturday 20th September
Bleephaus stage at FrogFest
Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham
temp0rary headline set with support from Krugazor, Woosey, Kenji Run, VIRUS Empire, Tragedy Magnet, Party Levitation, The Bluff Chill Account, #CUDDLESQUAD, Ghost Mind, Colossloth and Finn Kelvin.
[More Info Here]

Thursday 16th October
temp0rary at CRUX
T-Chances, Tottenham, London
temp0rary performance with presentation and discussion on working methods and adding audience participation to live work.
[More Info Here]

Saturday 18th October
OxJam Takeover, Cheltenham
Venue to be confirmed.
[More Info Here]

Saturday 8th November
Tempting Failure
The Island, Bristol
Collaborative performance of The Lived Body by Thomas John Bacon and Lee Chaos
[More Info Here]

Harvest Festival

I normally try to update the temp0rary site once a month, but July and August have really run away with us – with Bunker Session II being a wonderful experience again, we moved straight on to our performance at BoomTown fair with the So Fun crew. This was our first festival gig, and as is our standard method of operation, we were wildly over-ambitious, which wasn’t really a problem until it came to getting all the gear off site! The gig itself was a success, although we really didn’t know how the audience would respond to a 4-hour interactive breakbeat based installation… the result was a series of brilliant impropmtu collaborations and unexpected musical adventures that we couldn’t have planned if we’d tried!

Our rig consisted of 8 light-operated sensors (the photosynthesisers) which triggered arpeggios, drum loops and synth sounds, a selection of trigger buttons for sound effects, the return of the EEG brainwave to MIDI arpeggiator and four live microphones (the loopins) which allowed the audience to sing along and for us to grab the best bits for further manipulations. For a festival, we really weren’t expecting much more than a passing interest in what we’d built, but some of those who paid us a visit stuck around for literally hours and added a completely new and unpredictable twist to our performance!


We really can’t thank Jimmy GeneralWaste and the rest of the So Fun crew enough for the opportunity to play this gig and all their help in making our rig work (especially when the storm broke!) – we had an absolute blast and it has taken our work in some interesting new directions.

bleephaus frogfest

Talking of which, the next temp0rary performance will be headlining the Bleephaus stage at FrogFest on Saturday 20th September at the Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham. Again, I’ve been asked to curate the stage, and have had an opportunity to choose some of my favourite electronic and experimental noise acts. We will be bringing some new toys to play with and also taking the best bits of our Boomtown rig back out to give the audience an interactive grand finale that we hope will be somewhat memorable!

The temp0rary diary then looks fairly quiet for the rest of the year although we will be spending October doing some R&D and checking out some of our favourite bands for inspiration who all seem to be on tour at the same time! Then we’ve got the studio to rebuild, which makes the prospect of actually getting some recordings down slightly more appealing…