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Monthly Archives: September 2012

It doesn’t always go to plan…

So, after a run of gigs I was 100% happy with, i had my first duff one… not a disaster, but the PA at FrogFest last weekend wasn’t really doing the job, and the projector had to be set up quickly which meant I couldn’t really take full advantage of the tent-canvas. So instead of the space-ambient-epicness I’d planned, I performed a rather brutal distorted powernoise version of the songs, sounding like Alec Empire in a particularly bad mood. The highlight for me was hitting the bass frequency that caused beer-glasses to explode (sorry Dan!)…

Anyway,  I previewed a new track which I wrote for the occasion, called (somewhat prophetically) Improbable Machine and it’s a glimpse into a sort of film score / glitch direction that I’m hoping to explore a bit with new work. Then, because I was a bit frustrated people didn’t get to hear it as i intended, I recorded a version of it, and captured the visuals too, so here it is:


Anyway, onwards and upwards – the next temp0rary gig will be at the 2 Pigs, Cheltenham at the Project Bleephaus stage for OxJam, with a whole bunch of awesome electronics, and with my crew McLees and Giddings helping out on A/V respectively…

More gigs and plans

Not sure where this year has gone, but looking back, there’s a decent trail of evidence that good stuff happened…

Anyhow, I thought I’d pop my head up from the preparations for the next temp0rary gig which will be on Friday 2st September, in the Experiment Tent at FrogFest (Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham). I’m trying something a bit different at this one – because I’m just one of the acts in a whole smorgasbord of entertainment, I’ll be making my rig as compact & bijou as possible whilst trying to retain all the awesomeness – plus, y’know, tent.

Then I’ll be focusing on the next show which will be on Saturday 27th October – I’ve been asked to curate one of the stages for OxJam and as such have taken over the 2 Pigs, for what i am rather grandly calling PROJECT BLEEPHAUS. Confirmed bands so far are:

– This Is Radio Silence [London]
– 55th Flotilla [Brighton]
– Brown Torpedo [Cheltenham]
– The Virus Empire [Cardiff]
– temp0rary [Cheltenham / London]
– Kenji Run [Cheltenham]
– Party Sausage [Cheltenham]
PLUS! Free to play Retro Arcade upstairs *and* Magical Box Of Dreams DJ rig…HOW AWESOME IS THAT??

And then we’ve got another gig on December 28th… but I’m speaking to some exciting venues and spaces, so hopefully we can fill the gap with other AV-adventures too…