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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Gigs for 2012

2 more dates have been announced for 2012:

Saturday July 28th – 2 Pigs, Cheltnham, supporting The Program Initiative

Friday December 28th – Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham, supporting Welcome Back Delta

It’s looking likely that I’ll be joined by Ben McLees on guitar for both of these gigs, and I’ll be working with Adrian from Cunabula Press on the visual elements of the band.

Very inspired by Ray Lee’s Ethometrics performance at Battersea Arts Centre – and less so by other music conferences I attended on the same day that concentrated on monetising the fan experience. I’ll be making my projects appreciably more art installation based in future.

In Broad Daylight / R&D / Remix

It would seem some footage of my performance at Gloucestershire College’s Atrium has surfaced – somewhat disconcerting as it’s in broad daylight (I much prefer to operate from the safety of darkness) – for this single-laptop A/V performance, the video output went to an enormous plasma screen. At one point you can see me being told to turn the noise down by a librarian…

I’ve been working on developing my own MIDI interfaces recently – I’m very keen to experiment with light as a control element, perhaps using the visuals to trigger audio elements, which then trigger more visuals (and so on…) or giving the audience torches or laser-pointers to take control of the performance parameters. Anyway, this week, I was confined to quarters for a few days and had a chance to dust off my Miditron board & get busy with the rudimentary circuit-making. Here’s a work in progress:

The board as it currently stands has 2 light sensors, a potentiometer and a motion sensor – still early days but so far things are looking promising for bespoke temp0rary controllers.

And finally, the remix I did on Goteki‘s ‘Reverse Engineer my Heart’ gets released on 4/5/12 as the lead track on their Disco Muerte Four : Death Is Not the End EP