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[15694] Bleephaus

[Performance serial #] [15694]
[Performance name / date] Bleephaus Assemble I, 11/10/13
[Performance location] 2 Pigs, Cheltenham
[Performance members] Lee Chaos, Audience
[Performance type] audience participation + technical demonstration + improvised performance + workshop
[Performance description]

This was not a temp0rary performance as such but instead an opportunity for peopple to come together and build electronic noise boxes. At the end of the evening, the handmade synths were plugged into the PA and Lee attempted to wrangle the resulting squeals and bleeps into something resembling music… with limited success.



Recording of jam session featuring primarily synths that had been hand-built during the Bleephaus workshop earlier that evening.


[development photos]

[production notes]

Below is the instruction manual for the first Bleephaus synth project:


[development videos]