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Monthly Archives: February 2010

temp0rary rehearsal sneak peek

I’ve decided not to keep this one secret… here’s one of the tracks from the rehearsals for my gig in just under 2 weeks time:

temp0rary – regime change [14349]

Can’t guarantee it’ll sound anything like that live, mind you…

This is all enormous fun – I’m tinkering with being able to add live keyboards, guitars, electronic drums, stylophone, mobile phones, other laptops, vocals and anything that can be captured with a mic, and being able to sample loops on the fly and add them to the music. I’m planning some more weird little gigs, and I want to upset the apple-cart by trundling up to open mic nights with a suitcase full of kit, but being able to jam along with everyone. After reducing the concept of recorded music to nought, I want to start making the audience part of the band and blurring that boundary too. Oops, careful – this could end up being art…