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[15681] Breath Of Life

[Performance serial #] [15681]
[Performance name / date] Breath Of Life, 27-29/9/13
[Performance location] Nottingham High St, as part of the Little Wolf Parade pop-up live art event
[Performance members] Lee Chaos, Adrian Giddings, Audience, with contributions from Daryl Williams, Alex Boniwell, Chris Coreline, Kate Spence, John Hawkes-Reed, Janette Harris, Tiffanie Wells and Rosie Mockford
[Performance type] installation + audience participation
[Performance description]

For this event, temp0rary built a set-up that used oxygen masks that sensed the humidity in the audience’s breath. Anyone who breathed into the masks revealed video and audio interviews with people recounting the time that they felt most alive. The stories recorded were extremely personal and intimate, and they were made more poignant by the audience having to keep breathing into the masks in order to listen to them.

The installation was situated in the centre of Nottingham High Street for 3 days in September 2013 as part of the Little Wolf Parade ‘HOME’ event.




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