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Monthly Archives: December 2013

The End (of 2013) Is Nigh

So, after a phenomenal year, we are drawing a festive tarpaulin over the temp0rary toy-boxes and catching our breath for a couple of weeks before we start to line up the adventures for 2014. However, December ended up having a couple of auxilary adventures in that were a perfect full-stop to the year.

Firstly, we got back the results of our photo shoot with Sean Gummer, who was an absolute joy to work with, and we couldn’t be happier with the end results. Below are some of our favourites.

And then as a perfect end to the year, we played at the Little Wolf Parade end of year party with some brilliant and insping (and occasionally wonderfully crazy!) performance artists. We had planned to do a longform noise exploration, but when we arrived at the venue, we found it was perfect for a more cinematic performance, and by the end of the night, we got the distinct impression that people wanted to get their groove on so we elected to drop some noisy bass. Here’s a handful of photos (courtesy of Amy & Kirsty who were brilliant at helping out with the tech on the day) and some footage shot with a camera precariously balanced on the keyboard stand:

We’re already excited about 2014, but don’t want to count our chickens before they’re hatched… however, we are also dreadful teases so we can reveal that we have plans for 2 series’ of gigs in unusual locations, and are planning to do some collaborative work with one of our favourite bands on a big exciting project, all of which we hope to share with you in the first third of the year.

And on that note, I’m off to enjoy some Egg Nog and some Die Hard – thanks to everyone we’ve worked with and who has supported us in 2013, it’s been phenomenal. Let’s do it all again in 2014, but bigger, brighter and louder!

Lies, damn lies and gigs

Yet again, dear reader, I have uttered an untruth. I said that we had completed all live commitments for 2013 with temporary, and then Little Wolf Parade offered us the opportunity to be involved in this:

So, our final gig of 2013 (until further notice) will be in Nottingham on Friday 13th December – this will be a full A/V show and is quite a lengthy set (we’re due to be on stage from 8-9.30pm), plus we’ll be using some more tech to keep things fresh and seat-of-the-pants and ensure it’s another unique show.