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2. Money

I have decided that temp0rary will be a Not For Profit* band. A quick google suggests that I might be the first (although there are NFP organisations for collectives of bands).

  • I will not charge for my music
  • I will not charge for my gigs (aside from travel expenses)
  • I will not licence music for adverts
  • I will not sell merchandise
  • Any money I might accidentally make will go to music-based charities**
  • All music will be released under non-commercial Creative Commons licences
  • Everything Free Always.

This will also mean that I will not abide by copyright laws, but since I will never profit from my band, there’s no point in anyone trying to sue me.

I will consider bartering services – for instance, playing at a money-making festival, and waiving any fee in exchange for complimentary tickets and/or a donation to charity.

Time to practice what I preach – not so much anti-capitalist as non-capitalist.

*Definition of Community Interest Company also fits and is probably more accurate in the UK, but the idea of a band not making money needs to be stated more clearly, so NFP is better, at least semantically.

**In the interests of disclosure, this might for instance include who I work for, so you could consider this recycling of capital if I get paid for a gig, donate the money to GlosMM and then get paid to run a free workshop, for example.

Addendum: this model also shares some commonality with the Open Source Software movement, which I am currently researching to see if it is directly compatible with music created in the same spirit.

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