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[15976] Bunker Session II

[Performance serial #] [15976]
[Performance name / date] Bunker Session II, 19/7/14
[Performance location] Royal Observer Corps 28 Group HQ, Craigiebarns, Dundee
[Performance members] Lee Chaos, Adrian Giddings, Ceri Winrow, Charlie McNeill, Gavin Saxby with contributions from Peter Blockley and Cheryl Stewart
[Performance type] performance art + installation + residency + broadcast
[Performance description]

temp0rary returned to the underground bunker in July 2014 to build on what we had started earlier in the year. Over 6 days of living and working in the bunker, temp0rary composed sound and visuals for a 2 hour multimedia performance, stremed live and captured. The work combined field recordings and footage captured from several heritage sites and secret restoration projects, interviews with those who worked during the Cold War and live electrnics performed on handmade instruments. Six new compositions were created during this period, and both temp0rary and bunker manager Gavin Saxby were interviewed for STV.




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