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[15996] BoomTown SoFun

[Performance serial #] [15996]
[Performance name / date] Temp0rary takeover at So Fun Tek Shop, 8/8/14
[Performance location] BoomTown Fair festival
[Performance members] Lee Chaos, Adrian Giddings, Ceri Winrow, Audience
[Performance type] installation + audience participation
[Performance description]

temp0rary were invited to do a 4-hour ‘takeover’ set at the So Fun Tek stage as part of Boomtown Fair festival. Our rig consisted of 8 light-operated sensors (the photosynthesisers) which triggered arpeggios, drum loops and synth sounds, a selection of trigger buttons for sound effects, the return of the EEG brainwave to MIDI arpeggiator and four live microphones (the loopins) which allowed the audience to sing along and for us to grab the best bits for further manipulations.




[development photos]

[production notes]
For a festival, we really weren’t expecting much more than a passing interest in what we’d built, but some of those who paid us a visit stuck around for literally hours and added a completely new and unpredictable twist to our performance! We really can’t thank Jimmy GeneralWaste and the rest of the So Fun crew enough for the opportunity to play this gig and all their help in making our rig work (especially when the storm broke!) – we had an absolute blast and it has taken our work in some interesting new directions.

[development videos]