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[16088] Lived Body

[Performance serial #] [16088]
[Performance name / date] The Lived Body (Redux) at Tempting Failure, 8/11/14
[Performance location] The Island, Bristol
[Performance members] Lee Chaos, Thomas John Bacon
[Performance type] performance art + improvised performance
[Performance description]

This performance is a collaboration between Lee Chaos and Thomas John Bacon. Using a selection of microphones attached to the artist, the sound will be manipulated in real time and performed through a surround sound system to augment the performance.


(Photos from Thomas John Bacon by Ceri Winrow and Tilly May)



[development photos]

[production notes]
For this performance, eight microphones attached to the performer were manipulated in real time to generate the live soundtrack to the performance. More information at Thomans John Bacon

[development videos]