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Monthly Archives: November 2012

It’s almost next year (or the end of the world…)

Project Bleephaus was awesome – was lovely to get to curate a stage of my own, which has been a long-term dream of mine, and all for the womderful OxJam charity too! All the bands played a blinder, it was one of those events where each act seemed to be raising the bar for the next, and across all the venues we raised over £1000 for Oxfam.  Huge thanks to Cheyne Stokes, Kenji Run, the VIRUS Empire, Brown Torpedo and 55th Flotilla for creating a pretty-much dream lineup of emerging electronic music.

As for us lot, I really enjoyed the temp0rary performance – we hope it wasn’t apparent that there were a few last-minute adjustments to the planned performance; namely, the sideways shuffle of the man McLees onto bass (which I took some convincing about until we soundchecked, and then I realised I should never question his judgement on such matters…) and the man Giddings burning the midnight oil to bring some literally-rendered-the-morning-before visuals on our new, beta-testing 2 projector setup which seemed to project onto and through the new screen making the gig, by all accounts, something of an intense experience… 😉

So, we just have one more gig pencilled in at the Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham on December 28th. we’re opening this one and planning some special pre-gig installation fun for yuo all, so get there early & you’ll get to play with our toys…

Then in 2013, if we all survive the Mayan Calendars flipping over, we’ll be out & about for some new shows. Ideas have been sketched on beermats, venues are being contacted and plots are being schemed. If you’ve heard a rumour about a 48-hour non-stop gig, then all we can say at this stage is it might be a good time to buy shares in coffee and energy drinks…