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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Quick gig post

Hi folks – after some confusion i can now confirm that the next chance to see temp0rary will be at The Frog & Fiddle on Saturday 17th September as a fundraiser for the indie labels hit by the PIAS warehouse fire. You should totally come along. I might well put up some sneak recordings of the rehearsals which are sounding VERY LOUD at present…

Curtain Call

On Saturday, I got to do a temp0rary performance in The Roundhouse in Camden, which was a bit of a treat. Just before 7, me and about a dozen other media performers installed our kit inside Ron Arad’s Curtain Call installation. Turned out I was the only one who’d brought decent speakers… 😉

For almost 3 hours I performed a set of temp0rary tracks on a dual-rig I’d built – the music was being improvised out of one machine whilst the second took the music & turned it into projected visuals. This shared space with loads of other projections in a kind of crazy A/V jam session which could be seen from inside and out of the curtain. Amazing fun. There are some videos below that don’t really do justice to either the performance or the installation – if you can, pop down and have a look at the installation before the end of August.

Next up will probably be a performance at SPEC, but I’m still waiting for confirmation – if that’s not on, I’ll be doing something else in September since I’m stoked about performing this stuff live and don’t want to sit on my hands any more! Right, on with the TV show!:

Forthcoming gigs & stuff

Been a long time since I updated this – oops. Lots going on, the vast majority of which will feed nicely into temp0rary stuff, so that’s good. Just finished work on a new Xykogen album which was, frankly, a game-changing experience.

I’ve been asked to do a gig at the wonderful SPEC on 1st September… I think. I’d had a couple of beers, so I’ll need to get that confirmed, but if it’s a go, then I’m very excited. I’m also trying to squeeze in something before that which is a little different in an insanely cool venue. Half a plan for that to be a temp0rary gig of sorts too.

I completed 2 tracks for compilatiions recently, one is out already on a compilation for Sendai Japan Tsunami Relief – it’s by far the best thing I’ve done to date with temp0rary, so pick it up if you can. The other track is for a copmilation for Zero State who I’m hoping to be more involved with in the coming months.

I also keep forgetting that there’s a free double-album of temp0rary stuff for download which I completed during one of those snowed-in days, so if you’re new to this, that’s a good place to jump on. I’ll be putting more music up as & when it seems like a good idea. no plans to sell any of this, unless it’s for a good cause.