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Monthly Archives: January 2013

2013 – the year of living dangerously

Happy new year! Hope you had a good one. At temp0rary HQ, we saw off the year with a couple of our best performances to date, in my opinion. As far as playing gigs goes, I think we’ve got things running pretty smoothly, and the three-projector performance we did between Christmas & New year was one of the slickest gigs to date.

However, temp0rary isn’t about things going smoothly…

In a somewhat contrary manner, we’ve responded to this thimbleful of success by thinking of ways we can put ourselves in more unusual environments, and as such I’ve spent the last couple of weeks writing a handful of bids that should see the temp0rary rig doing things it wasn’t originally conceived to do, and all of which have a more theatrical element to them than previously. If we get asked to take part in all of these projects, we are going to be very busy in the springtime!

We are also toying with the idea of playing a one-off performance to showcase our work so far and shoot a video in an attempt to capture what we do live for the benefit of those who’ve not seen us yet, and are currently looking around for an interesting building to stage it in.

On the tech side, temp0rary R&D has now started on harnessing the power of DMX control so that we can operate lights and lasers in synchronisation with the show, we’re experimenting with Kinect hardware to see in three-dimensions in the dark, and trying our best to wrap our heads around Arduino code and the performance viability of propane burners… as far as New Years’ resloutions go, we’re having more success with this than the exercise regime…