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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Redundancy notice

On Saturday, 7th February 2015, temp0rary will be releasing an album.

This sentence is, of course, ridiculous for a number of reasons. Recorded music has no value any more – you don’t have to pay for it and can access it (legally or otherwise) wherever you can get on the internet. temp0rary don’t release music, don’t record albums, and aren’t trying to sell you anything. It’s written into the DNA of who and what we are. It lets us focus on the art without considering the profit margins. All our music is free, and always will be.

Having said that, we really miss the grand gesture, the physical objects, and the ‘party’ bit of release party. We like giving people gifts for continuing to support what we do.

So, on February 7th, temp0rary release something that is REDUNDANT.

We will perform a show to 50 people. Each of those people will receive a package containing 7 songs, all lovingly recorded to a high standard and lavishly packaged for absolutely no reason. These are seven songs that we have gigged extensively over the last 2 years, and which, to all intents and purposes, we intend to retire after this performance so we can work on new projects.

However, no two packages wil be the same. In addition to the lovingly crafted tracks that make up the ‘album’, audience members will also receive a selection of other tracks – alternative versions from another universe. These versions will be radically different takes, origin unknown. Those receiving the packages will be encouraged to trade these tracks with others who received the package. Each will be coded, and by combining codes and collecting tracks, entire alternate versions of the albums can be constructed.

Those who attend the REDUNDANT release will have exclusive access to these tracks for 100 days, after which we will be releasing them all into the wild and revealing the source, authors & codenames for the alternate versions. We will also be making the stems available so anyone who wishes to continue working on the REDUNDANT project can do so.

The performance will take place at The 2 Pigs, Cheltenham, and will be one of our full-on multi-projector and lights extravaganzas with hand-picked support bands. The performance of the 7 songs that make up REDUNDANT will also be captured, and audience members will have exclusive access to recordings of the live performance too, making up an additional component of the REDUNDANT archive.

temp0rary: REDUNDANT. Don’t miss it.