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[15667] Headline

[Performance serial #] [15667]
[Performance name / date] Headline, 13/9/13
[Performance location] 2 Pigs, Cheltenham
[Performance members] Lee Chaos, Adrian Giddings
[Performance type] conventional gig + installation
[Performance description]

For our headline performance at the 2 Pigs, temp0rary performed a full-length set inside a cube with a screen in front of and behind the performers offering 2 projection surfaces, as well as a full synchronised DMX lighting rig.




[development photos]

[production notes]
Track list:

01: Droner
02: Regime Change
03: Sol-Q
04: Improbable Machine
05: Bad Circuit
07: Cut & Shunt

Friday 13th living up to its name a bit as we were battling gremlins behind the curtain but there were enough moments we were pleased with to warrant sharing the footage from the camera we gaffer-taped to one of the load bearing structures in the 2 Pigs.

[development videos]