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Monthly Archives: September 2013

I’m Not Here…

Sooo super-busy right now preparing for FrogFest in 48 hours time and our installation in Nottingham (search for Little Wolf Parade), but just thought I’d very quickly share this footage from our Friday 13th show at the 2 Pigs last week – captured by a camera lovingly gaffer-taped to a pillar. We had a lot of technical problems behind the curtain but there are still bits of this we’re quite pleased with, hopefully it’ll help fill the gap in between shows for you!

Not coming up for air

A swift wave from underneath a pile of synths, lights, projectors and oxygen masks (no, really…) in preparation for the next 3 fridays’ worth of performances (see below for details) to let you know that we have updated the micro-site for At Her Lady’s Pleasure with more details chronicling the performance. You can click on the flower below and visit the site:

I’m also too excited not to share these incredible phots from Timothy James Pratt which do an incredible job of capturing the evening.


Right, back to slaving over a hot synthesiser, hope to see you out and about at one of our events soon.