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[16039] BleephausFrog

[Performance serial #] [16039]
[Performance name / date] Bleephaus stage at FrogFest, 20/9/14
[Performance location] Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham
[Performance members] Lee Chaos, Adrian Giddings
[Performance type] conventional gig
[Performance description]

This performance saw temp0rary bring a full production to their headline show at FrogFest and featured 6 songs performed with 3 projectors (live and MIDI synchronised), full DMX rig and live theremin.




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[production notes]
A review of the performance from John Helsby:

“The final act headlining the BLEEPHAUS stage at The Frog and Fiddle, Cheltenham, was the superbly polished and visually stunning temp0rary. The artistic duo of Lee Chaos and Adrian Giddings put on an astonishing show that filled the senses with an audiovisual feast, using bewildering electronic sounds that were hard to pin down to a genre.

temp0rary’s three projector setup and various intriguing pieces of hand-built equipment promised great things from the outset. The pair began by immediately laying down some very solid beats as symmetrical, undulating geometric shapes filled the screens. A logo distorted by white noise shone in the centre as the beats glitched out accordingly. Strong bass rose up from the deep as a cinematic melody line began. As the drums livened up some incredible patterns were painted on screen, with a background of circuit diagrams and arrays of shapes.

The logo doubled in size, synchronised with the hugely powerful kick drum’s entry, invading the room. A strobe coinciding with the snare and a brilliant arpeggio sequence dazzled the audience, a cell undergoing division flashing on the screen. Some improvisatory, unrestrained soloing on the keys, before the thick, melodious lines came back, stabs of orchestral strings adding to their might. A sample of an old American man rambling served as a transition between drumbeats. His voice went on unaccompanied for a while, allowing the crowd to catch their breath, before a minimal powerbeat came in.

A percussive sample was added to it, followed by more melodic synths and a truly bone-shaking bass. The visuals began to show morphing two-dimensional shapes, cryptic numbers, and a central, staring eye. An incredible visual effect took me by surprise as a cylinder of light, written in smoke, was projected across the room, as a wall of sound synthesiser filled my ears. More major key, syncopated arpeggios come in as all else stopped, before an utterly crushing drumbeat blasted itself into existence. Images of patterns, eyes, software and grids combined with the blinding light show and head-filling beats was almost too much for the senses. Indeed, it was very hard making notes for this review while simultaneously trying to take the craziness in!

An alarm-like bass introduced another mysterious sample that was eerily manipulated, with a drumbeat that reminded me of a more aggressive ‘Teardrop’ by Massive Attack. It underlay some sub-bass shudders as circles filled the screen, astonishing bass drops blaring out a tritone. The visuals became fiery planets, Saturn’s rings and lensflare, as a drum-n-bass beat broke out, bursting with energy. And now what could be the highlight of the performance – Lee Chaos’s surprisingly angelic voice was looped upon itself in primal harmonies, accompanied by deafening sub bass and dance beats. Clips from old films played as the pair finally ended their set.

temp0rary were an unbelievable visual and aural experience. I can only really compare it to having my senses drowned in overwhelming colours, lights, drums and beeps. I’ve used a lot of superlatives in this review because they are a superlative group, not a subtle one. If they’re playing near you, see them.”


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