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Monthly Archives: December 2012

OK, I misled you…

So, when I said we had one more temp0rary show this year, turns out I spoke to soon… the lovely Dan C. from Brown Torpedo has decided to put on a Mayan Apocalypse Survivor’s Party and invited us along… well, how could we say no? Despite our protestations that we already had plans to be at the same venue on 28th December with the lovely folk of Welcome Back Delta, Dan and I agreed that temp0rary should perform all the same… So, the plan is for temp0rary to play two gigs in the same week, with Christmas sandwiched in between… but to make things different, we’re doing two very different sets!

On Saturday 22nd December, temp0rary will be performing a long-form, mostly improvised ambient / noise set using some as-yet-untested kit and the as-yet-unreliable Surprise Egg Interface…

Then on Friday 28th December, temp0rary will be performing a set of tightly-honed non-stop floor-fillers by way of contrast!

So there you have it – two sides of the temp0rary coin (although we’re working on a third, to make it a wonky pyramid shape in 2013) in one week! Prizes for those who attend both shows!