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Back In The Fray

So, it’s been a while… Apologies for the relative silence, it’s been a hectic couple of months, followed by a couple of weeks of self enforced downtime to recharge the batteries.

Since I last update the temp0rary website, we’ve performed a longform gig in an art gallery, written music for a performance with a gamelan orchestra, put on an outdoor performance in a secret garden with all the bells and whistles, created a music installation in a fruit machine, run countless music workshops and a summer school. Then I left the country for a relaxing week in New York which unfortunately started with a security lock-down and a search for a non-existent gunman

Anyway, enough of this high drama – temp0rary are back in the labs working on a couple of exciting new projects and doing some development for forthcoming events.

frogfestFirst up, and somewhat imminently, we are delighted to announce that we will be headlining the Pool Room stage at FrogFest 2017, which is at the Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham. We play on Friday 16th September, but the event runs all weekend and is free. We’ll be doing our best to cram our biggest show into the smallest space, as usual.

Then on Thursday 13th October, we are proud to announce that we will be collaborating with four local poets – JPDL, Anna Saunders, KA Poetry and Dan Cooper on ‘Augmented Poetry‘ at the Wilson Gallery, Cheltenham as part of the launch of the ‘Last Word In Art’ exhibition. For this performance we will be working with the poets and enhancing their live spoken word performances with surround sound and immersive visuals designed to bring the poetry to life in a unique and spectacular way.

I’m also involved in setting up a new regular music get-together under the splendid title of MODJE – Music of digital, junk and electronics. We’ve got three get-togethers planned to find out who’s about and what people want, and then we will be up and running every week from 2017. Our first get-togethers will be on 26th October, 23rd November and 14th December from 6pm at the Wilson Gallery, Cheltenham, and are free. More details to follow, but the first sessions will be a social with a show & tell / run what you brung / jam session / meet & greet vibe. Free entry, with all ages welcome.

Oh, and then we’ve been asked to be involved in another Wilson Gallery takeover night on Saturday 12th November. No idea what we’re doing yet, but if it’s as good as the last one, you’re in for a real treat.

So that’s us all up to date for the rest of the year, with a couple of collaborative bits and bobs taking shape int he shadows. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be catching up on all the documentation for the work we did over the summer too, so if you missed out, I’ll be rounding up all of the media files and sorting them onto the website real soon. Hope to see you out and about soon.