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Precise Coordinates

tempting-failure-600On Sunday 19th July, temp0rary will be performing at Latitude Festival. For this performance, temp0rary are providing the audio for day 2 of Silent Noise Dive, a 4-hour collaboration with artists from Tempting Failure.

This performance is going to be completely unique – we will be using a Silent Disco headphone system which allows us to broadcast 2 simultaneous streams. These  audio performances will be composed, coded, manipulated and performed in real time and in response to the performance artists on the stage.

Because the music is not amplified in the space, this opens up some really interesting possibilities for us with the audio. We can use microphones that are usually too sensitive for live work as there will be less chance of them creating unwanted feedback, so we can amplify signals beyond the usual range of human hearing – this creates a hyper-real effect when listening. Early experiments have shown this to be an extremely intense experience as any movement in the space has a dramatic effect on the sound, which can then be further effected and modulated to create some other-worldly soundscapes that are generated in part by the performance of the artist, partly by ambient sounds that are given a greater sense of presence through amplification, and partly by the responses of the audience themselves.

We will also be attempting to read data from the performers in a completely non-invasive way through proximity and other sensors on the stage so that their performances directly contribute to the soundtrack. In between performances, these sensors are directed towards the audience space and will allow a level of audience participation with the performance.

Since the soundtrack is split into 2 channels, it won’t be possible for us to monitor both at the same time or for the audience to hear them both simultaneously. However, both performance channels will be synchronised which means that moving from one channel to the other will allow a common thread to run through both live performances. Our intention is to capture both streams and then recombine them at a later date to provide a piece of music that was performed live but which it was never possible to hear in full before.

This is an incredibly exciting performance opportunity for us and we are thankful to Thomas, Helena and all at Tempting Failure for giving us a chance to create such a unique piece of work. Alongside our current work on a purely visual collaboration with our visuals for ‘Chess’, it is interesting to have the 2 disciplines of temp0rary separated out into two different projects and two very different performances.

More information on Silent Noise Dive can be found here: