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New Year Revolutions

Ever so slowly, the temp0rary machine is beginning to awaken from its winter slumbers. Adrian and I actually managed to take some time off without accidentally doing any more gigs for a couple of weeks, and although it was a much-needed sabbatical, we are now officially preparing to make 2014 the year of Loud, Bright Art.

Our first event will be taking place on March 1st this year, when we will be undertaking a weekend residency in Dundee, Scotland, in a location that could not be more perfect for us – a lovingly-restored 1990’s nuclear shelter and command centre. During the weekend we are planning to immerse ourselves in the vibe of the place, capture some of the unique sights and sounds for future performances, and if all goes to plan, perform new work live from the bunker using the restored emergency broadcast system, which hopefully you will be able to tune into. If this all goes well, we hope to return to the bunker before the year is out for a more ellaborate performance. Needless to say, we are super-excited about the possibilities of getting to perform in such a unique environment, and our thanks go to Gavin & crew for giving us this opportunity.

Also in the pipeline are plans for us to create a large-scale theatrical piece, which currently has the working title of The Crucible. This will be the biggest project we have worked on to date and will be a massive multimedia installation that once more is going to combine what we have been rapidly learning about interactive performance art whilst pushing the boundaries of what we are capable of.

All this and a couple of more conventional performances appearing on the radar for 2014 are ensuring that this is going to be one blindingly, deafeningly exciting year!

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