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Monthly Archives: August 2019



“A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having”
– V For Vendetta

This year makes no sense. The only sane response is to go insane. So I’m breaking my rules, and listening to your pleas, and with a voice loud enough to rattle the gods, I am proud to announce…

2019 End Of The World edition

Friday November 8th at the 2 Pigs, Cheltenham



LEMON GIRL – the prime mover of Lemtek and the inventor of noodle wrestling is threatening all sorts of high-tempo breakcore, gabba and weird hard Judder friendly mayhem! Joining us upstairs for her first time at JUDDER after sets at Bangface and Boomtown, and threatening a B2B2B set with Duracell Bunny and yours truly – if we can stay upright long enough!

DJ DURACELL BUNNY – Resident of Manchester’s Sentinel club and and guest at InFest and Beat:Cancer festivals, Duracell Bunny is one of the most JUDDER DJs I’ve ever met, capable of mixing modern EBM with 90’s rave anthems and not afraid to drop in some weaponised cheese or the odd Disney sing-along!

And then there’s me, but you all know who I am and what I do, right?! 😀


DJ WELDON – He’s played Reading Festival, he’s played 2000 Trees, and he’s the architect of WTF?! – one of my all time favourite nights – DJ Weldon will be popping his JUDDER cherry and playing an an imitable mix of sing-along anthems, metal, punk-pop and other party bangers, all lovingly blended together for his first ever JUDDER DJ set.

I can also reveal that we will have a *full film crew* onsite for our 2019 end of the World Judder!

Kokonutdonut in cahoots with Digichemistry will be doing interviews for a documentary, shooting some pro photos (alongside our roving photographer Sam Aston capturing the dancefloor mayhem) and interviewing you wonderful unique Judder revellers. And – tech permitting – we’ll also be having a stab at live streaming the fun too!

So make sure you dress for THE END OF THE WORLD – anything from your favourite post-apocalypse wasteland warrior to your finest glad-rags for the best party this side of armageddon, be the survivor you always wanted to be and dance like tomorrow never comes!

All this plus some banging DJs on 2 floors, 3 hours of Happy Hours drinks prices, and that spacial flavour of mayhem that makes Judder completely unique! Get your tickets now!

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