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Monthly Archives: August 2018

One More For Old Time’s Sake..?

18_Judder Poster copy




I missĀ Judder.

I miss big gatherings of people. I miss temporary autonomous zones. I miss people in fabulous costumes, freaky outfits, incredible cosplay, things cobbled together out of other things, paint still wet, gaffer tape, safety pins and face paints.

I miss the anticipation of Halloween, the nights getting darker, knowing there was one big Mischief Night in the calendar before Christmas ran rampant through the shops and TV stations. I miss knowing that it was one thing we always did best, the decor, the atmosphere, the only place to be on that one night.

I miss loud music, flashing lights, video projections, glow sticks, Panda Pops, sugar rushes, strobes, basslines, mashups, underground music being sellotaped to cheesy pop hits you’d be ashemed to dance to anywhere but among these particular friends, in this particular place, on this particular night.

I miss the rains down in Africa, I miss Rickrolling, I miss Haddaway, I miss asking if anyone’s got any salmon, I miss upsetting music purists, I miss laughter ont he dancefloor, hands in the air reaching for the lasers in the smoke.

I’m a fan of ending things right. But then who doesn’t love that little bit after the credits? I’m a fan of Once More With Feeling. I’m a fan of listening to what people want and doing something about it.

Judder is back for Halloween,
Friday 2nd November at the 2 Pigs, Cheltenham.
One night only, going large then going home.

Actually, because I’m so worried I’ve forgotten how to do this, I’ll be doing a warm-up set at Montpellier Bandstand this Saturday 11th August, 3-6pm.

I’ve missed you. Come and say Hi.