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Judder Setlist, 10/8/2007
[DJ Lee Chaos except where indicated]

Earth Loop Recall – Like Machines
The Alternative – Bleach
Sheep On Drugs – Uberman
Crystal Method – Busy Child
Lab4 – Alien
Aphex Twin – Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
Infected Mushroom – Suliman
Young Gods – I’m The Drug
VNV Nation – The Farthest Star
Nine Inch Nails – Beginning Of The End
Curve – Coast Is Clear
65daysofstatic – The Distant & Mechanised Glow Of Eastern European Dance Parties
Bjork – Army Of Me
Depeche Mode – Precious
Rotersand – Truth Is Fanatic
Icon Of Coil – Existence In Progress
Proyecto Mirage – You Know…
Mindless Self Indulgence – Planet Of The Apes
Fatboy Slim – Ya Mama
Pitchsifter – What’s In It For Me?
Alec Empire – Addicted To You
IamX – Nightlife
Robots In Disguise – DJ’s Got A Gun
CSS – Let’s Lake Love And Listen To Death From Above
Les Rhythmes Digitales – Jaques Your Body
C J Bolland – Sugar Is Sweeter
Prodigy – Spitfire
Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence (Mike Shinoda Reinterpretation)
Mindless Self Indulgence – Straight To Video

11.45 – 12.30 DJ G-Zus

Hellfish – Money for Fish (and Your Chips for Free)
Mochipet – Justin Timberlakecore
Tipper – Lattitude By Observation
T Raumschmiere – The Game Is Not Over (Feat Miss Kitten)
The Nam Shub Of Enki- Coldrock
Tocsin – Roto Rooter Via Motor Scooter
MB Lanyon – Class One Lady Lumps (G-Zus mash)
Monster Zoku Onsomb -???
Alec Empire – Burn Babylon Burn
Tim Exile – Tim_Exile_Toxic_Mashup
Alec Empire – Bang your head!
Noisia – Block Control VIP
Panacea – Love Me
Limewax – 666untitled
G-Zus – Dirrrty Raver
Spor – Molehill
Lynx Sphynx – Tanq-T Up


Panacea – Chartbreaka
TC – Rockstar
DJ Fresh – Nervous
Prodigy – Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)
Pendulum – Blood Sugar (Judder Hybrid Mix)
Visage – Fade To Grey (Noisia Remix)
Subfocus – X-Ray
Spor – Way Of The Samurai
Squarepusher – Come On My Selector
Nightbreed – Pack Of Wolves
17th Boulevard – Memories
Snake River Conspiracy – Lovesong


12.45 – 1.30 DJ G-Zus

Edgey/Madness – Target Aquired/Baggy Trousers (G-Zus mash)
Panacea – King Of The Jungle
Amboss/Led Zeppelin – Nitro/Rock’n’Roll (G-Zus mash)
Submerged – Stars Lights The End
John B & Exile – Broken Language (Exile Mix)
Soundbites – No Dance Starts The Goods
Soundbites – Crazyhypershit
Society Suckers – Zettai Remix
Society Suckers – The Beaver Song
Aaron Spectre – You Don’t Know
Monster Zoku Onsomb – Four Enclosed Monsters
Rotator – Ole Olew Junkyard Remix
Drumcorps – Incarnate
Venetian Snares – Husikam Rave Dojo
Edgey – Candria Faction Remix
Aphrodite – Stalker
Venetian Snares – Americanized


Nasenbluten – Shaftman
Ultraviolence – Masochist Breakdown
Pitchshifter – Genius
Ferry Corsten – Rock Your Body Rock
Chemical Brothers – Hey Girl Hey Boy
Combichrist – This Shit Will Fuck You Up
VNV Nation – Chrome
Covenant – Dead Stars
Babylon Zoo – Spaceman
Panacea – Found A Lover
Prodigy – Out Of Space
Warp Brothers – Born To Bounce
Underworld – Born Slippy
Pendulum – Fasten Your Seatbelt
Faithless – God Is A DJ
O-Zone – Dragonstea Din Tei
N-Trance – Set You Free


Visuals Playlist:

Flash Gordon
Aeon Flux (animated)
The Chronicles of Riddick