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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Judder News, 9/5/13

FRIDAY JUNE 7th 2013

Greetings Judder lovers!

The Force was strong in that one! I’m still reeling from a fantastic STAR WARS JUDDER which had some of our best costumes and over-excited dancefloors of the year! The Light Sabre battles were particularly spectacular, and big thanks go to emergency DJ Kattallica for bringing an hour of filthy banging noise to the upstairs dancefloor! Photos are now up on the Judder site, and remember that you can get free entry next month if you share any of your own pictures for use in our gallery!

Our next Judder is an extra-spacial one, as we celebrate Judder’s 10th birthday with our COMIC BOOK JUDDER on Friday 7th June! There will be lots of additional giveaways for this event, and we are joined by the always-lovely and ever-random guest DJs from Norwich’s own Mostly Harmless! So it’s time to unlock your super-powers, wear your Y-fronts on the outside and join the biggest party this side of Krypton!

Look forward to seeing you all for our big party on the 7th June!

Lee Chaos