Forthcoming Releases:

WASPFAC017 - Tarantella Serpentine - Exploring Corporate Strategy EP

Tarantella's debut album, 'Class One Laser Product' has been doing the business on dancefloors since it's release in September and the reviews are still coming in… the follow-up, 'Exploring Corporate Strategy' is due out in the Summer, and if the intensity of the recent live shows is anything to go by, it's going to sound like the bastard offspring of Kid606, Alec Empire and Kraftwerk.

Releases to date: -

WASPFAC001 -The Chaos Engine "Obstinate" CDLP

Industrial Rock with everything included the kitchen sync thrown into the melting pot, and an ear for a good tune notably lacking in the genre. A classic release that has seen the band become one of the UK's most in demand acts at both Industrial and Goth events.


WASPFAC002 - Skinflowers "Data in a Hurry" CDLP

Understated alternative/indie from the brothers Skin. Bittersweet lyrical compositions, guitar / bass interplay that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up and an Atari ST out back all add up to leave you wondering what happened to the days when Albums were Albums, rather than a couple of singles and a lot of filler.


WASPFAC003 - The Chaos Engine "More Songs About Sex & Angels" CDEP

An EP it may be, but at over 70 minutes long there's more effort here than in many albums proper. A new version of "Angel of Ruin" from the Obstinate LP, kicks off the first EP segment, followed by 5 new tracks showing the range of the band, from the white hot rage of "Parasitic Love Song" with its Public Enemy meets Penelope Pitstop backing track, Huw's searing guitars and Lee's acid - tongued polemic, through "Photocopied Love Song" where The Chemical Brothers meet NiN vibe culminates in a barbershop quartet delivery of the tracks central Haiku to the rabble rousing collaboration with Skinflowers "Bitter Taste". The second segment of the EP contains 6 remixes from such luminaries as Sneaky Bat Machine, Inkubus Sukkubus as Solomon Kane (of heavyweights Discharge) of tracks from Obstinate. The EP concludes with live favourites, covers of Kids in America, Barbie Girl and Ace of Spades.


WASPFAC004 - Various Artists "Working With Children & Animals" CDLP

A snapshot of the UK industrial and alternative underground, featuring Wasp Factory Artists, Family and Friends. Leech Woman, Hydra, Squid, The Chaos Engine, Goteki (formerly Sneaky Bat Machine), Arkam Asylum, Skinflowers and Tarantella Serpentine. The bands have each contributed two tracks, many of which are exclusive, and the whole album is mixed with reverse ID'd bridges from Dark Electro mavericks Freudstein.


WASPFAC005 - D.U.S.T. - "From the Sublime to The Obscene"

Straight out of nowhere to being one of the most hotly tipped underground acts in the UK, it's no wonder we've snapped them up. The nearest thing to traditional goth shapes on the label, but the band are much more on an amphetamine fuelled, sleep deprived sleazerock god tip than they are interested in lurking in graveyards drinking cheap red wine. With the looks, presence and music to do it, we're not going to interfere with this mission


WASPFAC006 - The Chaos Engine - "Escape Ferocity"

3rd album proper from the Chaos brigade, an unholy cross between VNV Nation, Atari Teenage Riot and Britney Spears. There's not much more you can add to that really, is there? Music for broken children to tear up dancefloors to.


WASPFAC007 - Freudstein - "Mondo Freudo"

Debut album from the Brighton based mavericks of all things electronic, funky and nasty, a shitkicking appreciation of rock dynamics applied to the techno / breakbeat milieu, a string of guest vocalists and an approach to production verging on the anal, means that this release is something very special indeed


WASPFAC008 - Arkam Asylum - "Learn To Love Your Cancer"

The first album from the 3-piece CyberPunk shock-troopers is a tour-de-force of weapons-strength breakbeats, kevlar-piercing guitar riffs and diamond-tipped prophecies of a distopian future that's closer than we dare admit. Kerrang! magazine decried it as 'Just noise. At least ATR have tunes.' We like that.......


WASPFAC009 - Tarantella Serpentine - "Class One Laser Product"

A very rare beast indeed - marrying digital hardcore, drum & bass, nightmarish soundscapes and break-beat poetry is not something to be attempted lightly, but Mr Serpentine does so on his debut with a sinister boa-wrapped panache. Dark, disturbed and disturbing


WASPFAC010 - Swarf - "Swarf Fall EP"

The excitement that has categorised this band's early performances has led us to break the mould and release a maxi-CD of their first studio outing on the strengh of pressure from their fans. Stunning female vocals and lush arrangements provide music for the dancefloor as well as having enough depth to draw you into their world in the privacy of your own home.

WASPFAC012 - Goteki - "Fight The Saucermen EP"

The band formerly known as Sneaky Bat Machine shed some of their toyshop humour in favour of finely-honed darkwave floor-fillers as the band re-invent themselves for the 21st Century.

WASPFAC014 - Psychophile - Transition

A big welcome to the mighty Psychophile. For those who've not been fortunate enough to catch the band live, allow us to explain our excitement; Vocalist Lucy is equal parts Liz Cocteau and Diamanda Galas, switching from one to the other in the blink of a psychotic eye, with Mat & Smogo providing the kind of sonic guitar anarchy not seen since the days of Pop Will Eat Itself and Zodiac Mindwarp. Add to this thunderous beats, squelchy slinky PVC-clad synth lines and a lorryload of pop suss and you can understand why they've been so quickly scooped up by the Wasp Factory A&R team. On this, their debut album for the label, 13 slabs of classic new wave guitar pop compete for attention with swathes of electronica and dirty chunky breakbeats, overlaid with Lucy's unique voice.


WASPFAC015 - Various Artists - Working With Children & Animals Vol 2

We've done it before and we've done it again - only this one's bigger better, louder and even more confusing! Our second 'Children & Animals' compilation features new tracks from Wasp Factory artists, exclusive material, and the finest cuts from our friends in this magic non-genre called industriodarkwavepunkcyberebm… or goth, as NME prefers to call it. . .

This one features new tracks from Swarf, D.U.S.T., Psychophile, Freudstein, Seventh Harmonic, Interlock, Katscan and Spray, all stitched together by Tarantella Serpentine. What's more, this little baby comes with a whole new batch of our collectable 'Waspemon' cards, penned by the ever-lovely Dr A ! Brace yourselves!


WASPFAC019 - D.U.S.T. - Lords Of Madness EP

Taking the D.U.S.T. blueprint by the balls and dragging it lovingly into the 21st century, this band's new EP maintains the love of the big-ass hands-in-the-air stadium-sized songs and knocks them into shape with a tungsten-edged dance sensibility. Think T-Rex remixed by Icon Of Coil and you'll have an idea of which pigeonholes the band are currently failing to fit into...


WASPFAC018 - ARKAM ASYLUM - Running with Scissors

The second album from seminal Cyberpunk mavericks Arkam Asylum is all you'd expect - a head-on collision betwen deathrock, psychobilly and twisted gabba. On paper an unlikely fusion, but stick on the disc and it becomes obvious that this is the ultimate in sleazoid rock. Balls-out polemic, beats and riffery hung together with gaffa tape and the sort of genuine headrush that only pioneers of a distinctly new sound can give. The true sound of "cyber"."punk". Here's 3 breakbeats, now go and make a dystopian future.


WASPFAC020 - GOTEKI - Goteki O/S

The world's first Japanese boyband to consist entirely of caucasians from the West Country release their debut album "Goteki O/S". It`s a stunning 17 track slab of Futurepop, EBM, Electroclash, whatever we think it should be called *this* week, featuring guest appearances from Jared Louche (Pigface / Chemlab), Seb (Icon of Coil), and Richard Bjørklund (of Spektralized, the newest band on Apoptygma Berzerk's HARD:DRIVE label) amongst others.


WASPFAC021 - DeathBoy - Music to Crash Cars To

As the industrial scene frantically tries to salvage some underground dance credibility back from the electronica world it arguably helped create, Deathboy stands out as the anomaly. An original drum'n'bass / hardcore kid, whose online albums to date chart his descent from nasty slabs of instrumental funk, through a vodka fuelled haze of self-loathing, hatred and anger into today's minimalist breakbeat industrial. Oh it's dirty, angry stuff. Trent Reznor without the bloated prog rock, Alec Empire with a production job by the Chemical Brothers.


WASPFAC024 - Earth Loop Recall - Compulsion

Earth Loop Recall plough a very nice line in My Bloody Valentine/Sonic Youth style post-punk/alternative rock that doesn't run scared of moments of towering feedback colliding head on with NIN-style electronic trickery, and moments of exquisite beauty lurking in the calm at the eye of the storm.

In the band's own words, "Think 'The Holy Bible' By Manic Street Preachers. Add 'The Process' by Skinny Puppy, 'Aenima' by Tool, 'Mezzanine' by Massive Attack, 'Never Mind The Bollocks' by The Sex Pistols and 'In Utero' By Nirvana. And maybe 'Grace' by Jeff Buckley. Then you'll be midway there."

Keep a very close eye on this lot. We're predicting very big things for them.


WASPFAC026 - Goteki - Goteki O/S: Corrupted Files

Excursion on the version from the J-Electro stormtroopers. You'll find your packed dancefloors on here. Chrome-plated electro and filtered house a mile wide. Floorfillers? You want 'em, you got 'em. With names like Icon of Coil and Echo Image on the case, you know it's going to do the job. But remixing isn`t just about the club is it? Where would the fun be in that, when the remixer's job allows them to pull something apart and reassemble it in their own image, as destroyed, as reborn and as wierdly divergent from the original as their whim takes them?


WASPFAC028 - Leech Woman - Uncertainty Device #26573

The UK's finest hardcore/industrial crossover band bar none. Reduced to a raging ghost in the machine. White hot anger dropped from a great height and reassembled by a broken machine with delusions of sentience. Shards of dark ambient, electro, noise and drill & bass, stitched together by masters of the genres. Fuck your cartoon college punk bands, this is what happens when a band true to the punk ethos embraces the digital age.

A remix album that eschews the generic dancefloor filler that seems mandatory for these releases, and embraces the more destructive and wilfully caustic side of the form as embodied on albums like Nine Inch Nails' 'Fixed', and Scorn's 'Ellipsis'. We see no reason to file this one anywhere but with these greats.


WASPFAC031 - Faetal - [sic]

Epic alternative electronic crossover album. Throw The Cure, Mesh, Suede, Pink Floyd and Nine Inch Nails into a blender and if you've got the right proportions you might come out with something like this.

Subtle, gorgeous and heartbreaking, this is very much a throwback to when albums were albums rather than a collection of dancefloor fillers - exquisitely crafted numbers that give an instant hit, but repay subsequent listens by revealing new depths. A true masterpiece of electronic rock, blurring the lines so completely that it's often impossible to isolate guitars from synths.

An album to throw caution to the wind and dive headlong into.


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