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Tarantella Serpentine

What is 'Tarantella Serpentine'? A multiplicity. A singularity. A by-product of society. Acknowledgement of these. Smiling children torturing animals. The mother explaining why you shouldn't do that. A musical entity of some sort. Sensations, uncomfortable and familiar. A bruised concoction. Barbed retorts at a dinner party, everyone smiling in forced companionship, sipping champagne, spitting at your ex-wife's latest lover. Classic angry young men brought up with philosophy. Carrying two guns in case one is taken from you by force. The desire to simply think. Appreciation of the simple things in complexity.

large text to confuse the enemy at all times

Welcome to the world of Tarantella Serpentine, Wasp Factory's resident cross-dressing lounge lizard of sleaze. Imagine Fatboy Slim and Alec Empire having a no holds barred fistfight in the studio over a chance to do a remix of Sheep on Drugs anally raping Marc Almond and you'll begin to conceive the mind-boggling self creation that is Mr. Serpentine. Tarantella fuses his performance poetry with his love of enormous fucked up distorted breakbeats to devastating effect. On recorded material this manifests itself as a killer groove with drum patterns a mile wide underlying vocal snatches peering voyeuristically into a world of underage sex, soft liquor and hard drugs, and unexpected yet as natural as a stripper's tears, a warm sentimentality shining out from the misanthropic rants.

Blurring the line between breakbeat poetry and full on club classics, live the performance often veers into uncharted territory. An honest to goodness lunatic, singing, reciting and screaming at the audience, naked except for his PVC trews, some 'Fragile' tape, outlandish overcoats and a DAT machine.

Though few and far between, Tarantella shows are a unique sensation for those who still make the effort to connect with a live performance. We recommend the experience.


"Angry, acidic, yet poignant and worldly. I truly hope that we have many, many more years to enjoy what this man can bring to the scene"

"Depraved words detailing depression, deviancy and disintegration in diabolical detail are spat with venom across the most merciless and pounding breakbeat backdrop you'll have heard for a long time"
-Meltdown Magazine

"Tarantella commands the stage, pacing from one end to the other, violently spitting out bilious misanthropic prose with far more confidence and expression than I've ever seen him do before. A few audience members are even moved to dance by some of his more accessible pieces like "Cocaine Disco Riot" and why shouldn't they be?"
-The Rattler

"The rather deranged, but charmingly endearing cross-dressing performance poet has broken the barriers of taste with a pounding melangerie of synthesised industrio-break beats that vibrate inside your gut. Think Sheep On Drugs in a flasher's mac and you'll get the picture"
-Meltdown Magazine


THE CHAOS ENGINE OBSTINATE (WASPFAC001) (features Tarantella Readings between tracks)

THE CHAOS ENGINE - MORE SONGS ABOUT SEX & ANGELS (WASPFAC003) (features Tarantellas "Ken's Molester Rant" on Barbie Girl)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - WORKING WITH CHILDREN & ANIMALS VOL. 1 (WASPFAC004) (includes Cocaine Disco Riot (version 1.0), Sugar Sugar and untitled by Tarantella Serpentine)

ARKAM ASYLUM - LEARN TO LOVE YOUR CANCER (WASPFAC008) (includes hidden deconstruction "Interference With Children" by Tarantella Serpentine and Exitboy)


SWARF - FALL (WASPFAC010) (includes Tarantella Serpentine "Dirty Little Fucker" Mix of Fall)

GOTEKI - FIGHT THE SAUCERMEN (WASPFAC012) (includes Tarantella Sepentine "Nikijon Fetchi" mix of Fight The Saucermen)