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Formed in 1991 by Mat Hook, the project was obviously destined for great things since day 1, a self evident fact that lead to Mat turning down Thom Yorke who "was forming a new band and wanted a guitarist......"

Listening to Psychophile's music, we can be thankful that he did.

A string of line-ups, and then a lenghty hiatus followed, with Mat resurrecting the project for a one-off solo gig at The Albert in Brighton, where he entertained New Year's Eve 1998 revellers with a selection of mashed up techno/breakbeat/punk/Tourette's Syndrome covers of "classic" pop songs by A-Ha, Spice Girls et al. A young lady named Lucy Pointycat was in the audience that evening and suggested to Mat that perhaps he would like a female vocalist?

The rest, as they so boringly often say, is history. The band have since released two self pressed CDR albums to critical acclaim, and gigged widely around the UK and Eire building up a healthy fanbase, supporting the likes of Fad Gadget, Attrition, Dream Disciples and The Chaos Engine. And of course, we mustn`t forget the invaluable role played by Mog the papier mache spacecat, ever present at the bands live shows.

In 2002 Mat has decided he's jumped around, and indeed fallen over on the stage perhaps once to many times after a decade, and retired into the studio to concentrate on the programming side of things, with the tease of occasional, oh so occasional appearances at major live shows. He's replaced on guitar and backing vocals by Smogo, a dirty little PVC clad thing indeed.

The band are currently ensconced in Parental Advisory Studios with Lee H, tidying up their second album for its Wasp Factory release.


"Psychophile have naggingly insistent songs, a trademark sound that collides layers of guitar with driving beats and electronix, and in Lucy they have a frontwoman extraordinaire."

"Psychophile. The mash-up of an amazing vocalist and a madly inventive musician always does it for me, and Psychophile are the latest contenders in that fine tradition. Mat's scrawling electronix and heavily-abused guitar (strings shattering all over the shop) and Lucy's effortlessly powerful vocals are one of the most effective combinations on the poor old goff circuit ATM."
Uncle Nemesis

"These guys are at the forefront of the changing face of the goth scene and I can't understand why anyone couldn't possibly like this. I'd even go so far as to say that these guys are the future of Goth - watch out for them."
Meltdown Magazine


SPIDERSTYLE (1992) - Self published cassette album

PSYCHOPHILE (1999) - Self published CDR album

DARKLIGHT (2000) - Self published CDR EP

ILLUMINATION (2001) - Self published CDR album


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