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Who or what IS Exitboy? Animal, Vegetable or Mineral? A sentient computer program with a cut up fixation? A maverick master of the art of electronic disassembly or an ensemble of people you work with, shop with, drink with and live with secretly destroying music by committee whilst your back is turned?

Don't ask us. All we know is that we sporadically receive CDRs of towering wrongness in unmarked brown envelopes accompanied only by an indecipherable crayola scrawl.. If you've heard some of the schizoid beat mangling he's produced for literally dozens of the scenes artists, then you'll know pretty much the same as we do about all this.

Having received a series of phone-calls at exactly 23:23 each night for the past twelve months consisting of nothing but low guttural moans, high frequency ear piercing tones and vocoded threats to serially amputate vital limbs from various Wasp Factory personnel, we've capitulated and agreed to pay the studio damage bill and wholesale copyright infringement lawsuits required for the Exitboy album "A Nasty Piece Of Work" to see the light of day towards the end of 2002.

May god have mercy on our souls for this. Be afraid children. We cannot help you now.


We know about this one:-

(debut album due Winter 2002)

We`re also aware of the following mixes, but really can`t even begin to say where they ended up, if they were used, if people survived not using them and so on. If we made them easy to find Exitboy would hurt us anyway. Lots. It`s supposed to be hard to track them all down. But Exitboy says you have a 24 hours headstart to do so before he comes after you. Start running.

SWARF - "Fall" (ExitBoy Falls Apart mix)

SNEAKY BAT MACHINE - "Kiss The Bats" (ExitBoy's Wing For Sneaky & Prayer For Chaos mix)

THE CHAOS ENGINE - "Tao" (ExitBoy's Big Beat Disassembly mix)

JEFFERSON - "Sounds Of The Fresha" (ExitBoy's Pig Iron mix)

LEECH WOMAN - "Kincaid" (ExitBoy Gabriel Unseated mix)

INKUBUS SUKKUBUS - "Away With The Fairies" (ExitBoy's Chaotic Thunder Mix)

THE CHAOS ENGINE - "Parasitic Love Song" (ExitBoy's This Is Not An Exit mix)

ZEITMAHL (USA) - BoyGun (ExitBoy's Magic Bullet mix)

THE NARCISSUS POOL - "The Wag Club" (ExitBoy's NarcoPop mix)

THE CHAOS ENGINE - "888" (ExitBoy's One Bigger mix)

SNEAKY BAT MACHINE - "Kiss The Bats" (ExitBoy's Malfunction Mix)

DUST - "Child" (Exitboy's Mo Leicester mix)

VS. ARKAM ASYLUM -"Interference With Children" (with Tarantella Serpentine)