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Wasp Factory are a genuinely independent record company, moving in the many grey areas where traditional rock band shapes meet electronica head on in one way or another.

All the artists on the label produce recordings that both push the envelopes of any given genre (making pigeonholing almost impossible) but also show a finely honed ear for catchy tunes and, dare I say it, pop songs.

All our artists have a proven record of putting on legendary live shows, be they in a 1000+ capacity venue or an intimate club - indeed in most instances, the quality and presence of the live shows is what attracted us to them in the first instance. Many Wasp Factory Personnel also have DJ side-projects and are also available from us in this context for live shows.


The Chaos Engine

THE CHAOS ENGINE - Wasp Factory impresarios and one of the UKs finest live bands. Impossible to categorise with their ecelctic mix of hard industrial rock, techno and breakbeat, the only thing for sure is that each and every song will have more pop hooks than Britney Spears entire recorded output and yet still pack enough finely honed rage to give your parents nightmares for months. With 3 albums "proper" behind them, a brace of EPs most bands would be happy to call albums, and an impressive string of live performances behind them including the UKs Whitby (widely acknowledged as THE band of the event at the recent Whitby X anniversary), Black Celebration and Malediction festivals (not to mention the infamous Chaotic Cheeserolling Weekenders), Belgiums Eurorock festival and a headlining slot at Convergence VIII in Montreal, the band are at the peak of their game right now. Current release "Escape Ferocity" is reccomended as a good jumping on point for beginners.


Leech Woman

LEECH WOMAN - One of the UK's most extreme bands, showing up the current fashion for Nu Metal, Punk and Industrial bands for what it is: the soundtrack for angst-ridden teenagers to consume briefly en route to being good citizens. Pounding metallic tribal rhythms, chainsaw guitars, and guttural vocals that can barely contain the laser-guided rage at the world behind it, combined with a sampladelic cut-up ethic that Bill Burroughs himself would approve of. The bastard heirs of both Throbbing Gristle and The Clash (circa White Riot, not the jeans ad) with no concession to commerciality. The urban post-apocalypse - the soundtrack to Mad Max set in a Brixton squat. Open yourself up to the sound of society's nightmares.



GOTEKI - The artists formely known as Sneaky Bat Machine continue their heady rise out of the graveyard and into cyberspace. Debut EP "Fight The Saucermen" gave some broad clues as to where the band are headed, live shows have upped the ante even more, with the bands spaceage antics, and the seductive lure of their beats, embracing futurepop, techno and even drum and bass. New album Goteki O/S has firmly established the band as one of Futurepops brightest stars, and includes guest appearances fron Geoff Six (The Nine), Jared Louche (Chemlab / Pigface), Seb (Icon of Coil) and Stephan (APB). World domination rolls onwards with recent shows as far afield as Toronto and Rotterdam and appearances on the Timesplitters 2 soundtrack. Remix album "Corrupted Files" and a new project with a Czech pornstar are nearing completion as we write.



DEATHBOY - The man has been knocking out album after album of top-notch electro angst (which our marketing division are somewhat chuffed to have begun referring to as glum'n'bass) over the net since he first hit puberty and we're delighted to have released his first commercial album, the criticaly acclaimed "Music to Crash Cars To". Described frequently as the UKs answer to Trent Reznor, a description that only begins to come close to his genius, DeathBoy (the man) alongside cohorts DeathBoy (the band) plough a fusion of beats, angst and kerosine guzzling rawk that places them somewhere in the murky scene with no name inhabited by the likes of Oghr, Katscan and Tarantella Serpentine. Live the band never disappoint, having played a string of sell out shows in London and major festival events such as Black Celebration and Whitby X, look for the band soon in a town near you.



PSYCHOPHILE - Darkwave pop at its finest. Classical motifs, bubbling 303s, crunchy breakbeats, even crunchier guitars and Lucy's powerful voice, at turns hauntingly angelic and demonic operatics, as though a mad scientist has created a hybrid of Liz Cocteau and Diamanda Galas. Their debut album has racked up glowing reviews from all corners of the press and a string of sold out live UK dates have made this band a firm fan favourite.



FAETAL - Formed in 2000, founder members Pete Boyd & Tim Clark have quietly been building up a sound we can only describe as epic. A series of demos caught the attention of the UK's Underground scene with the sort of impressive everything-including-the-kitchen-sink attitude we at WFHQ are rather fond of. Forthcoming album [sic] shows their mastery of songwriting and ability to fuse guitars and electronica - nearly every track could in the hands of a band less given to wandering off the beaten track be either purely traditional guitar based or a classic piece of synthpop. The genius of Faetal is they straddle both with an effortless panache. Theres no notion whatsoever of either the rock or electronic element being tacked on. Instead, theres simply seamless electronic indie rock. Think New Order, think Cure, if you're feeling like admitting to a broader taste than most, think Pink Floyd. Think Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler joining Mesh with production by Trent Reznor.


Arkam Asylum

ARKAM ASYLUM - Cybernetic Industro Punk Shock Troops. Variously described as a C21st Specimen, Atari Teenage Riot vs. The Gun Club and "A Bunch of Fucking Lunatics" this bunch of global misfits arguably embody the spirit of CyberPunk more than any band around today. Here`s a guitar and three breakbeats, now go and make a record. Mangling drum`n`bass, gabba, hip hop, gonzoid rock, out of control fretboard pyrotechnics and Zero's singular visions of the future into a sound that`s completely their own, this band are a must for anyone wanting to discover the true meaning of the world Maverick. New album Running With Scissors redefines the benchmark for the genre and is shifting units a a rate of knots through word of mouth alone.


Earth Loop Recall

EARTH LOOP RECALL - Earth Loop Recall in addition to inadvertantly teaching us more about telecommunications technology than we wished to know whilst doing a web search for them, plough a very nice line in My Bloody Valentine / Sonic Youth stylee alternative rock that doesn`t run scared of controlled feedback colliding head on with NIN style electronic trickery. It`s frankly gobsmacking stuff, and we`re not biased yet, because no one *made* us sign them. So there. Debut album Compulsion is already selling like hotcakes and hasn`t been off our stereos since it arrived. It`ll steal yours too.


Tarantella Serpentine

TARANTELLA SERPENTINE - Big Beats, Porno Bass, Filters a mile wide and the silver tongued utterances of Wasp Factory's Tranvesite Lounge Lizard of Sleaze in residence. Performance art hits the dancefloor and does something unsavoury to the bass bins. Imagine a Fatboy Slim remix of Sheep on Drugs anally raping Soft Cell and you have some idea of the wildly creative rudeness that is Mr. Serpentine. Those of you who may think yourself familiar with the mans work, are cordially advised to check out his current live performance whenever the opportunity presents itself, as the live band are now a 3 piece, wrestling sound into some of the dirtiest yet funkiest shapes imaginable.



FREUDSTEIN - Too many nights spent up watching obscure Italian horror films and playing around with filters and bass-stations keep Freudstein as the most exciting electronic band around right now. Techno, Drum and Bass, Gabba, Dub and Metal collide head on, but always leaving enough space in the mix for that little something extra - a string section, an impassioned guest vocal or simply that occasional perfectly placed sample. Despite those who would tell you that live electronica "isn`t really music", no two Freudstein live shows are ever the same, and often feature the band swapping instruments and vocal duties, and a range of guest artists from The Wasp Factory roster performing collaborations, keeping the band as exciting each time for existing fans as they are for new converts.



SKINFLOWERS - Harking back to those halcyon days of yesteryear, when albums were albums and not a couple of singles with some filler, the brothers Skinflower quite simply write hauntingly beautiful guitar based songs with subtle hooks and big choruses that will be with you for some time after listening. Live the band let loose a little, rocking out with some Albiniesque distortion and an Atari out back. A band to check out in both contexts for those who enjoy their guitar music laidback and awkward.



EXITBOY - The kid ain't right. Refusing to do interviews, infamous for his remix and production work and appearing unannounced at clubs up & down the country with a bagful of 'tunes' that'd convince your granny the blitz had started again, ExitBoy is Wasp Factory's answer to Aphex Twin in a dustbin full of bullets and gravel going down a metal fire-escape. Just don't ever ask what the question was....



ALEX B - TERROR DJ - The throat destroyer and bass mangler in industrial punk freaks Leech Woman is also one of the hardest most fucked up DJ's in the UK. Responsible for the world renowned Sick And Twisted club nights, Alex B specialises in spinning the most hardcore industrial gabba, impossibly fast speedcore, the most mangled breakcore, the heaviest raggacore and the most twisted drill'n'bass. Book him if you dare.

ALLEZBLEU - Melbourne lass plays goth and industrial shiznit at Cheltenham's Exit Club and sundry other venues.

E23 - playing a techno/industrial crossover. Resident DJ at Brightons Endorphine Visions fetish club.

EXITBOY - The wayward master of the Dark Gabba beat. Founder of Cheltenham's legendary and infamous Exit Club.

INVISIBLE LANDSCAPES - one of the UKs only dark chill out sound systems, taking the original manifesto of the chill out room into new and twisted territory.

SMOGO - The Psychophile guitarist plays anything that's bangin', from industrial noise via techno and hip-hop to pop and R'n'B. Be afraid.

ZERO - Arkam Asylum's punkid messenger spinning techno, goth, industrial, metal and the like at Strangeangel in York.

For further details on all Wasp Factory artists contact bookings@wasp-factory.com or call Mark Eris on +44 (0)20 7241 1433.

We are always happy to discuss packages of Wasp Factory artists and DJs to give your evening that unique Wasp Factory touch.