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Summer Holiday

Only just hitting the deadline of one blog post a month this time round as I’m allowing real life to take priority during August as I get married with trusty temp0rary sidekick Adrian as my best man and regular temp0rary aide and assistant Ceri as my wife!

July was a good and busy month for temp0rary – our visuals for the Promenade Players’ production of Chess were very well received by the audience, cast and reviewers alike, and it was fantastic to be one of the components in such a large production. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are actively looking for other opportunities to lend our skills to forthcoming theatre productions, so if you hear of anything, please let us know.

Then we packed up our tents and camping stove and headed off to Latitude Festival to provide the soundtrack to day 2 of Silent Noise Dive, an afternoon of live performance art curated by Tempting Failure. We love working with these folks, as they provide us with some utterly unique opportunities and this one was no different. Working with 2 streams of audio, we broadcast our performance to silent disco headsets and composed music live using microphones and location sensors to enhance the performances in a 4-hour non-stop performance. It was a pretty intense experience, but we learned so much from being under these unique parameters and working with such a unique performance environment, as we always seem to when we collaborate on a Tempting Failure project.

We’ll be collecting together all the evidence of both performances over the next couple of weeks if we have time and will do a fuller write-up showing some of the behind the scenes sketches and development of both performances.

So that’s us done for the summer, but we are planning lots for the forthcoming months. Next up will be the return of the Bleephaus stage at FrogFest on Saturday 19th September, at the Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham. Again, I am delighted to have been asked to curate my own stage and am looking forward to putting on a selection of great electronic acts. Then we’ve got a selection of new works in the pipeline, including a project with bunker manager Gavin Saxby using some unexpected technology in a way it definitely wasn’t intended for..!