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Unemployment Benefit

So, temp0rary released our first ‘proper’ ‘album’ , REDUNDANT last week, and by all accounts it was a great evening where, for once, everything seemed to go to plan! We captured some audio and video of the event which we are currently hammering into a shareable format, but for now, here are some photos of the performance from David McKnight:

As we mentioned before, everyone in attendance received a limited edition copy of the album, which also included a unique version of the album assembled from dozens of alternate versions and remixes. All of these will be released 100 days after the show, which is Monday 18th May. They will be available for free download from this site, along with some new additional material and both the live recording of the show itself and the rehearsal session from the week before (which sounds quite different!)

Oddly, this leaves the temp0rary diary completely free for the remainder of the year… at present. We have a couple of possible performance opportunities int he pipeline, and I’ll be organising my wedding over the next few months, plus the studio is now fully functional and ready for us to start putting together some new material. We’ve also got a large concept piece planned for October too.