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New Years Redundancy

10906117_10205693118948993_747492404238846974_nSome people had a Christmas, I’m told. temp0rary had a few days eating cheese, drinking rum and flying spaceships (Adrian is hooked on Elite: Dangerous, and I’m addicted to FTL) but mostly spent time preparing for our “album launch” this time next month. So far, REDUNDANT is shaping up to be a monster – we outsourced some of our alternate versions to remixers and musicians who for the time being will remain anonymous, and the results have been staggeringly good. In addition, I’m working on some alternate mixes exploring ideas of what temp0rary could have been across an album’s worth of tracks, and the results are very inspiring. Adrian and I have also been scouring the far reaches of the world for extra-special goodies to put in the box bit of the box set, and have come up with a couple of interesting ideas that we think will make the REDUNDANT artefact something worth collecting.

So, onto the selling bit – all of this treasure, a boxed set album and a fantastic A/V show on Saturday 7th February can be yours for just £5 (+ booking fee) and is limited to just 50 seats and 50 albums. In the interests of full disclosure, we might do some on-the door standing-room-only tickets if demand is high, but these will not feature the album so book early to avoid disappointment.

Facebook event:

Buy tickets:—album-launch-2pigs/

Hope to see all of you good people (well, the best 50…) next month.