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Underground, overground

Popping out from under the pile of packing crates that represent the geographically small but logistically enormous temp0rary studio and workshop refit, we have a couple of bits of exciting news .

Firstly, we have been invited back to Scotland to work on Bunker Session 2 – this will be happening between 15th – 20th July and will be taking place in multiple bunkers and listening posts. Given what we managed to achieve in 24 hours last time, this is exceptionally exciting for us and we hope to be further developing the look and feel of Bunker Session 1 to incorporate more recordings and music inspired by the experience of being underground.

Secondly, temp0rary have been confirmed for BoomTown Fair festival, which is massively exciting – we will be part of the So Fun Gang and you can find more information here although that will only give you a hint of what to expect if you chance upon us somewhere near Chinatown! BoomTown takes place between 7th – 10th August, we will let you know more details as soon as we know them, but not so many as to give away the element of surprise…

Thirdly, once temp0rary HQ has been retooled to deal with these exciting projects, we will be looking at getting down a few recordings of now and vintage temp0rary material with some special guest performers. We shall let you know when that sees the light of day.

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