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Best [Evolving] temp0rary playlist

temp0rary are a band that focus more on the creative anarchy of live performances than on the elusive (and increasingly pointless) quest to capture the perfect take in the studio. Our feelings on the current state of the music industry can be read here and here.  Since our inception, temp0rary have been a Not For Profit project; our general feeling can be summed up with “if it’s all about the money then it’s not about the art” so we just decided to take the idea of selling our music out of the equation all together, and provide all music under a Creative Commons licence. As such, temp0rary have done away with the notion of having ‘singles’ and ‘albums’.

However, we know people enjoy listening to music outside of music venues and galleries, so we try to record all performances and rehearsals where possible – but, that generates a lot of material. So what we thought we would do is have a continually evolving playlist of our favourite tracks, hence the collection Best [Evolving].

Check back regularly to see what we’ve added. And if you don’t agree with our choices, feel free to have a look at the full archive on Soundcloud and put together your own playlist. All temp0rary tracks are free to download.


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