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Trying to surf on square waves

I’m guessing this is the technical equivalent of looking out of the door of the aeroplane just before you jump out… So, we’re on the cusp of what is set to be an exciting and extremely busy time at temp0rary HQ, and this blog post is as much for me to order my thoughts as it is for you to see what exciting things we have coming up.

Saturday 3rd August – SwanFest at The Swan, Cheltenham.
We’re headlining the Saturday of SwanFest, and The Swan is a very small venue, but we will be doing our best to bring the Big Screen Entertainment to the venue none the less. Because there is no stage, we’ll be super-close to the audience which will give you a chance to see what goes on behind the curtain, should you wish. Or alternatively, take a couple of steps back and take in the full show – this will be a test run of part of the synchronised lighting rig that we are currently developing for future shows. In addition, we will be playing new material, including the first 2 movements from At Her Lady’s Pleasure (see below) so there’s been quite a lot of frantic tinkering into the long summer nights of late.

Friday 23rd August – At Her Lady’s Pleasure at The Wig, Birmingham
Our collaboration with performance artist Kate Spence for her residency at The Wig in Birmingham has been in the planning stage for several months, and it is going to be spellbinging and absolutely unique. This will be the biggest technical installation for a performance that we have done to date and it really pushing at the boundaries of what we’ve done before. As well as the longest performance we will have done to date, it includes elements of immersive theatre that we have been itching to explore, and several custom made elements that will allow for a high level of audience interaction.

Entry is free, but by invitiation only and numbers are limited – for your invite, please contact Kate Spence by email or Facebook.

Friday 13th September – temp0rary at The 2 Pigs, Cheltenham
For this night, we are going large and loud as we return to the 2 Pigs for our first headline show after some thoroughly enjoyable previous gigs as support act. We’ll be supported by Kenji Run and Happy Milne, and will be going for one of our more cinematic performances as is befitting of a headliner!

Friday 20th September – FrogFest at the Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham
This one will be interesting – Dan Cooper from Brown Torpedo and myself have been asked to curate a stage on the Friday night of FrogFest, and we’ve booked some of our favourite disorienting noise and electronic acts – and then by way of a big cherry on top, we will be doing a special one-off temp0rary / Brown Torpedo colalboration as the grand finale! FrogFest is a fabulous local 3-day event and really punches above its weight with the sheer number and quality of bands, so it’s a real honour to be asked to participate in such a big way. I’m looking forward to revealing the full line up very soon!

Friday 27 – Sunday 29 September – Home Is Where The Heart Is, Nottingham
Temp0rary will be completing a piece of work for this event which will be part interactive installation, part live performance – and we have a very grand vision of what we hope to achieve for this one. We’re still at the plotting and scheming stage at present, but if you’re in the area, keep the date free and pay us a visit.

Friday 11th October – Bleephaus: Assemble! at the 2 Pigs, Cheltenham
Not a temp0rary gig per se, but an opportunity to meet other hackers, benders, builders and fans of bleepy synths – the plan is to spend the evening learning how to build simple noise-making devices before having an electronic jam session, and an evening of socialising and getting to meet other like-minded synth kids afterwards. If you’ve ever wondered how the temp0rary live rig works or any of the equipment we build for our shows, come down and chat to me about the technicals!

…and then it goes quiet. Too damn quiet. What are they building in there?!


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