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Time flies when you’re plottin’ and schemin’

Maybe it’s my age, but I really don’t know where the time goes these days. It seems like only yesterday I was bemoaning the onset of April, and now we’re a day away from June. Still, it’s not like we’ve been sat on our hands at temp0rary HQ, in fact we have a couple of very exciting projects to announce.

Firstly, we will be headlining the last day of SwanFest on Saturday 3rd August, at The Swan in Cheltenham. Our remit for this gig will be to create a stadium-sized show in the corner of a pub, so this one will be a challenge of miniaturisation and folding the fabric of the universe. It’ll be an up close and personal show, there will be no stage between us and the audience so people will be free to peer – quite literally – behind the curtain and see what we do when we play live. The material will be a selection of reinvented older material, reworked tracks from past large-scale performances and new work in progress.

Secondly, we are very excited to announce a collaboration with performance artist Kate Spence on Friday 23rd August at The Wig, Bitrmingham. This will be a new and experimental piece, combining music, projections, performance art and immersive theare elements to create something utterly unique. We will be taking what we learned from our performance at Tempting Failure and applying it to an entirely different aesthetic. This event will be for a limited audience and will be by invitation only, so keep an eye on the site for details on how to get your ticket coming soon.

In anticipation of these performances, I have been doing some more R&D work to develop my own sensors and interfaces that allow audience interaction with the performances. Here’s a sneak preview of some of the technology I’m currently prototyping:


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