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In Broad Daylight / R&D / Remix

It would seem some footage of my performance at Gloucestershire College’s Atrium has surfaced – somewhat disconcerting as it’s in broad daylight (I much prefer to operate from the safety of darkness) – for this single-laptop A/V performance, the video output went to an enormous plasma screen. At one point you can see me being told to turn the noise down by a librarian…

I’ve been working on developing my own MIDI interfaces recently – I’m very keen to experiment with light as a control element, perhaps using the visuals to trigger audio elements, which then trigger more visuals (and so on…) or giving the audience torches or laser-pointers to take control of the performance parameters. Anyway, this week, I was confined to quarters for a few days and had a chance to dust off my Miditron board & get busy with the rudimentary circuit-making. Here’s a work in progress:

The board as it currently stands has 2 light sensors, a potentiometer and a motion sensor – still early days but so far things are looking promising for bespoke temp0rary controllers.

And finally, the remix I did on Goteki‘s ‘Reverse Engineer my Heart’ gets released on 4/5/12 as the lead track on their Disco Muerte Four : Death Is Not the End EP

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