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Spring into action

So, Friday’s gig with The Program Initiative was another pivotal moment in the history of temp0rary. Playing solo, I totally overcompensated for the absence of Ben on guitar and played a one-man show augmented by lots of toys and some of the best visuals work I think I’ve done to date. The gig was seated, and I played behind TPI’s back-projected screen, both of which could have killed the gig but ultimately made for a much better experience. I also managed to incorporate some more audience-triggered elements, extending the intro to the first song for the first 45 minutes of the night, with sounds and visuals responding to people taking their seats in the audience.

72 hours later, and the buzz has far from subsided. As I type, I’m rendering off the final pieces for an ‘album’ of sorts which will contain re-recordings of the 5 tracks performed last week, complete with video content. I’ll also be doing a short documentary showing how the rig I built for the gig works, since there seemed to be lotsof interest in the mechanics of the set too. The collection of files will be released very soon under the name ‘v#15130: the only constant is change’.

There’s also a new manifesto coming; I’ve decided to run temp0rary as a ‘Not For Profit Band’ – all music will be released freely and I will play gigs for expenses. I’m working through my thoughts on that one at the moment, but expect it to feature in the sleevenotes for v#15130.

We have traction and momentum. Thanks for everyone who has helped to get the wheels turning. Let’s see where this goes from here…

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