Spamblasts 2001


—- introduction —

Evening all, to a festive slab of turkey & cranberry flavoured spam, rolled in essence of figgy pudding and flambéd for your pleasure… thank-you for taking the time out from your frantic consumerism to spend a bit of time with your favourite merchants of Chaos… pull a cracker, grab a party hat, mock the cheap plastic novelty and read the saucy limerick…

— gig mayhem —

Tis the season to be jolly… or indeed, shout obscenities at the world through a megaphone whilst wearing a skirt…

First up, you all absolutely HAVE to be at our Christmas show this year, since we’ve got some really insane and life-threatening special guests and such a magnificent Wasp Factory all-star line-up:

Thursday 20th December
The Annual Chaos Engine Christmas Extravaganza
Cracker’s, Bruton Way, Gloucester
Tel 01452 300289
with a full Wasp Factory approved supporting line-up:
Tickets £5 on the door – doors open 9pm

Secondly, our gig in Newcastle this Thursday (13th Dec) has been nudged on a couple of weeks, and our gig in Middlesborough has changed venue, creating an accidental 2-day tour of the oop North:

Thursday 27th December
Trillian’s, Newcastle

Saturday 29th December
Dickin’s Inn, Middlesborough

If anyone has any suggestions for what we can do on the 28th December, mail us on – no reasonable offers refused… 😉

Also confirmed is our appearance at 2002’s Malediction festival, which also features Dream Disciples, Swarf, Psychophile, Adfinem and Seize. All this gothy goodness takes place on 16th February at Club Tropicana, Reading (we’ve checked: the drinks aren’t free…;) and more details can be grabbed at

— escape ferocity —

…will be released on February 11th, even if it kills us, our loved ones and anyone in the blast-radius.

— convergence —-

I *think* we’re allowed to say this now… We’ve been confirmed to play at Convergence 2002, which this year is being held in Montreal! The gig will take place between May 31 and June 2nd and we’re too excited to even gather any more details than tht right now… we’re hoping to stop off on a few US dates on the way home if anything goes anything like a plan I saw a picture of once…

— outro —

This spamblast was brought to you by nutri-grain bars, fine red wines consumed in finer company, blackcurrant airwaves, not enough sleep, guilty pangs of enjoyment over (X)0’s revivalism, pineapple on pizzas, ‘Choke’ by Chuck Palahniuk, ‘Amelie’, and fully automatic BB guns, with a giant W00p to all of those people who had it extra large with fries at the Slimelight gig!

Merry whatever you celebrate,

LeeH The Chaos Engine 11/12/01— CHAOS ENGINE DIET SPAM, 14/11/01 —

Greets all, apologies for the overzealous spamming you’re getting from us – this is a little after-dinner-mint of spam, as I just realised something…

Saturday 17th November
The Underworld, London
supported by The Sepia, Arkam Asylum and Action Directe

This is our FIRST EVER London headline gig! Jeez, dunno how I let that one slip! So this is just a gentle reminder to y’all to come along and shout obscenities at us, tell us you liked us more before we got all famous. etc… 😉

— —

…is experiencing technical problems right now and yes, we know, hasn’t been updated for eons. As soon as it’s sorted we’ll keep you informed.

— another ‘escape ferocity’ preview —

…is at – at this rate we’ll have given the whole album away by Christmas…

Lee H The Chaos Engine 14/11/01


— introduction —

Greetings all, to another slab of the old educational pink stuff from your favourite architects of Chaos. Well, it’s been an insane few weeks, thrashing away at the tools of our trade to bring you the new Chaos Engine album, ‘Escape Ferocity’ due out very early in the new year, whilst at the same time getting down and dirty with the Sheffield warm-up for our winter tour…

— chaos engine escape ferocity tour, winter 2001 —

Crikey, will you look at this?! An actual *tour* appears to have formed since our last mail, with plenty of those Northern dates people were asking for! We’ll be previewing lots of new material at these gigs, so get those portable bootlegging devices at the ready… 😉

Saturday 17th November
The Underworld, London
supported by The Sepia, Arkam Asylum and Action Directe

[why not make a weekend of it and catch Swarf at the Devonshire arms before pootling along to Sick & Twisted at the Garage the day before? See and for details!]

Saturday 24th November
Queen Margaret’s Union, Glasgow
with Leech Woman

Friday 30th November
Blackmachine, Club X, Bournemouth
supported by The Sepia

Saturday 1st December
Slimelight, London
with Leech Woman

Thursday 13th December
Trillian’s, Newcastle

Thursday 20th December
The Annual Chaos Engine Christmas Extravaganza
Cracker’s, Gloucester
full line-up and Chaotic amusements to be announced

Saturday 29th December
Arc Arts Centre, Stockton-On-Tees

Next year is shaping up to be a bit of a globetrotting hum-dinger too – as soon as ink is dry on contracts, we shall let you know.

— chaos engine yahoo club —

Everyone else is doing it… truth is we’ve been doing it for a year or so, but suddenly everyone’s taken interest in it… Chaos Engine’s Yahoo Club at has turned into a lovely little community, complete with some cracking photos of our Sheffield gig with Dream Disciples and some messy evidence of my birthday celebrations at Exit Club. We’ll be running a competition for best (ie worst) photo uploaded to the gallery and holding Chaos Engine chats soon, so join the Chaos Army now to avoid the crush!

— escape ferocity progress —

The new Chaos Engine album is coming on in leaps and bounds – we’ve got 3 tracks to share with you, and this time the full-length versions up for grabs, and none of them are truly representative of the album as a whole! My Own Link sees us going off in a Cher-like pop direction (no, really!), The Guiting Power Institute For Supreme And Unnecessary Evil is a slab of evil noise that would make Steve Albini’s skin crawl, and Core [silent] is a little atmospheric night music…

My Own Link:

Guiting Power:

Core [silent]:

And here for the benefit of the newcomers are last month’s previews – make the most of them, they’ll be deleted to make room for new ones soon!

Custom-Built For Anger:


Broken Children [Wet/Hard]

Little Miss Misanthropy

Second Coming / Unabomber:

Less Talent, More Technique:

Welcome To The Future It Is Broken:

Why not let us know what you think of it all on our noticeboard at

— exit club —

We’ll be back… and that’s literally all we can say right now!

— outro —

This Spamblast was brought to you by the Stegasaurus Toast-Rack – [I’m aware this makes sense to about 2 people… but hey, they’re really *good* people, okay?!]

Lee H – The Chaos Engine – 08/11/01


— introduction —

MIND THE GAP! Greetings all, and welcome to a well-needed doseage of Chaos flavoured spam… apologies for the massive gap in keeping you informed of our latest manoeuvres, but it’s been an insane couple of months, what with the detox program from Eurorock (which did truly ROCK, in a Euro-prefixed way), 24-hour sessions for the new album and kicking Wasp Factory Recordings [] up a gear or twelve…

— chaos engine gigs, autumn/winter 2001 —

We’re back out again, flexing our gigging muscles and ready to start showing you what we’ve been up to in the studio. There are loads of gigs in the pipeline, but here are the ones that are of most immediate interest:

Saturday 29th September
Dissolution, Sheffield University, Hallam Union
with Dream Disciples (recording a live album, natch!) & The Way Of All Flesh

Saturday 17th November
The Underworld, London
supported by The Sepia, Arkam Asylum and Action Directe

Saturday 24th November
Queen Margaret’s Union, Glasgow
full bill to be announced soon

Thursday 13th December
Trillian’s, Newcastle

Saturday 29th December
Arc Arts Centre, Stockton-On-Tees

More gigs coming in 2002 and to fill in that voidy October gap [promoters – call me! You know who you are… :]

— escape ferocity progress —

It’s been a busy month in Parental Advisory studios… our third album, ‘Escape Ferocity’ is shaping up to be everything we ever threatened it would be… We also decided that, since we’ve been saying this for the best part of a YEAR it was about time we actually proved it! So, for your delictation, below are links to no less than SEVEN one-minute-long snippets of raw-as-feck mixes leaked out to satisfy your appetite for new Chaos Engine material!

Custom-Built For Anger:


Broken Children [Wet/Hard]

Little Miss Misanthropy

Second Coming / Unabomber:

Less Talent, More Technique:

Welcome To The Future It Is Broken:

Why not let us know what you think of it all on our noticeboard at

— exit club —

A chance to catch The Chaos Engine at rest and at play in one of our local haunts, Exit Club has been resurrected in it’s THIRD venue. Come along to this, the opening night- we may even buy you a pint!

[version 3.0.1]
With your host and DJ Lee Chaos

Saturday 22nd September
JD Pepper’s Brasserie, Cheltenham
[entrance off the Promenade by Dobells pub]

Playing an entertainingly confusing mix Of Industrial, Goth, Nu-Metal, Noise, Gabba, Grebo, Eevil Techno, 80’S Cheese and anything else that takes his fancy!
Lee Chaos’ comfort breaks covered by DJ E23 (Endorphine Visions, Brighton)

8pm – 1am, £2 before 10pm, £3 after
Flashing lights and free lollies!

— outro —

This spamblast was brought to you by the power of Tesco Kick, anything on special offer in Iceland, and the choons of Icon Of Coil and Foetus, and hindered massively by absinthe (again), everyone’s going away / coming back parties, Driver on the PSOne and Iceland wine offers. Big hoots to all the lovely people I met at InFest & the Bierkeller for transporting my evil drunk twin to safety, and bleeh to Royal Mail, ANC couriers and National Express for making life more difficult than it needed to be.

Lee H – The Chaos Engine – 20/09/01


— introduction —

Good afternoon, strangers, and welcome to a long-overdue and short but sweet nugget of spam from The Chaos Engine! This is as much to tell you about what we’ve been up to as remind you that yes, we do still exist…

— warm-up gigs for Eurorock 2001 —

The most important bit of news is that we’ve now finely honed our new line-up after months of rigorous training and initiation rituals… we will now be joined onstage by Vere Kervorkian on bass and Rawbin99 on additional guitars. We will be road-testing the two new recruits at a couple of terrifyingly intimate gigs:

J D Pepper’s
Regent Street, Cheltenham

The FreeButt
Phoenix Place, Brighton
with support from FREUDSTEIN

Then it’s on to headline the Wasp Factory stage at EuroRock 2001, with support from all our Wasp Factory chums! See for the full line-up but this looks like the must-go event of the year so far!

— Escape Ferocity due out in November —

The Chaos Engine’s third full-length album, ‘Escape Ferocity’ is currently being hammered into shape and looks likely to be released in November, backed up with a full UK tour with some very special guests. The provisional track-listing for the album can be found at and we’re currently checking to see if the technical jiggery-pokery with what we intend to do with the CD format is physically possible…

— outro —

This spamblast was brought to you by Riga Black Balsam and seriously hindered by humidity and Riga Black Balsam



Good Evening to all you spam-hungry consumers of Chaos, and welcome to another meaty product of more than one country to put a smile on your face as we stride into…summer?


It’s that May Madness once more… just to scotch some rumours, our Cheese Rolling gig IS STILL ON AND NOT AT ALL CANCELLED! – Two out of three of our events survived the dreaded foot & mouth disease, and only the actual Cheeseroll itself is in jeopardy (although I’m working on this…) Therefore your schedule for the Bank Holiday Weekend looks a bit like this:-

Saturday 26th May
Chaotic Cheeserolling Weekender – act one
The Guildhall, Gloucester
The Chaos Engine with Swarf, D.U.S.T. Elysium, Skinflowers and Arkam Asylum
Tickets £5 advance, £6 on the door – info: 01452 505089

Sunday 27th May
Chaotic Cheeserolling Weekender – act two
Paint balling @ Paint ball Raiders, Gloucester
From 1pm onwards – Tel 01452 306117
Cost: £10 game fee (includes hire of gun, mask, goggles [ooh, how cyb3r!] and boiler suit)
Ammo: £5 for 50 shots, £8 for 100
YES, this is open to EVERYONE – but to be sure of a place, you’ll need to send the game fee bit to us by the 14th May – e-mail for info – although you can turn up on the day, space permitting.

Monday 29th May
Chaotic Cheeserolling Weekender – act three
Foot and mouth or no, we WILL find something and we WILL roll down it after fermented curd… more info to follow soon!


Yes, the rumours are true! Not only are Chaos Engine confirmed to play at EuroRock 2001 in Neerpelt, Belgium, but Wasp Factory Recordings has it’s own STAGE! On Friday August 2001, you’ll be able to see ALL the Wasp Factory bands – Chaos Engine, D.U.S.T., Swarf, Skinflowers, Arkam Asylum, Tarantella Serpentine & Exitboy, AND Decoded Feedback all in one place from noon til midnight!

This coupled with other all-star appearances from bands too numerous to mention makes it a must-see event, so get your passport in order, or check out to see what you’ll be missing out on!

[and a big public hug to Thomas who helped us with this one…:]


As reported previously, The Chaos Engine’s live line-up will be changing significantly over the next few months, as our Bass-Babe Kelly departs for pastures new and we expand the band to deal with the new material in the pipeline. Details are top-secret at the moment, but here’s a brief round-up of all the gigs left with the existing line-up:-

10/05/01 – Trillians, Newcastle
13/05/01 – JB’s, Dudley
18/05/01 – The Twist, Colchester
26/05/01 – The Guildhall, Gloucester

Once again, apologies to all for the cancellation of the Portsmouth gig due to something very confusing and promoter-related that *still* hasn’t been made clear to us… we will return with the new line-up before the year is out, and we plan to tour again throughout September & October.


As if once wasn’t enough – if you live in Cheltenham (specifically the centre of town / St Paul’s constituency), you can vote for Lee H in the local elections on Thursday, June 7th. As usual, we’ll be doing our spot of rabble-rousing to bring to light the issues surrounding young and alternative lifestyles in small-town England, specifically focusing on the re-opening of The Axiom, or an alternative arts centre in Cheltenham.

So far we’ve already had some good coverage – look out for a photo-feature in the Independent on Sunday this weekend on The Chaos Party – but we really want to capture the hearts and minds of the local press.

We’d like to invite you ALL along to the Vote Chaos Rally, which is being held in Cheltenham Town Centre on SATURDAY MAY 19th at 1.30PM – we’re urging you all to dress as flamboyantly as possible and bring any device capable of making a loud noise! The local press have already promised to send us a photographer or tow, so if you fancy a slice of anarchic fame, don your best togs and join the mayhem!

For more info, visit the website or mail


Everything’s going to plan on the recording of our third full-length album… although it looks like it’s more likely to see a release in September, partly due to the other madness going on and partly due to the offer of an ex-Jesus Jones collaborator stepping in to help out with the final mixes which we thought too good to turn down…

You can catch sneak previews of the direction it’s going in on our own ‘Working With Children & Animals’ compilation which you an order from or on the forthcoming ‘Armalyte Industries – Industrial Dawn’ compilation which is due for release on 26th May – more info as it arrives…


This e-mail was brought to you under the influence of coffee and Chewits, and slowed severely by Silent Bomber on the Playstation and further plans for World Domination…muHAHAHA!

Lee H – / – 09/05/2001CHAOS ENGINE SPAMBLAST 8/3/01

— introduction —

Hello and welcome to a right old mixed carton of spam; a glad message, a sad message but never a bad message…

— a loss in the family —

First, foremost, and most saddening is that Kelly, foxy Bass-Thang for The Chaos Engine since Christmas 1998 will be leaving the band to pursue pastures new after our April / May tour. We’re gonna miss her massively and things won’t be the same in the band (or the tour van!) without her, but the Chaos must go on! So come along to our last gigs as a three-piece and give the lass the send-off she so richly deserves. The tour in brief looks like this:

8/4/01 – The Garage, London
2/5/01 – The Bierkeller, Bristol
4/5/01 – The Horseshoe, Portsmouth
10/5/01 – Trillians, Newcastle
13/5/01 – JB’s, Dudley
18/5/01 – The Twist, Colchester
26/5/01 – The Guildhall, Gloucester

Full details of the gigs can be found at

— chaotic Cheeserolling weekender —

This one’s living up to its name already! Aside from being Kelly’s last gig, we’ve now had the original venue closed down on us! Still, the show is to continue, but now in a bigger and better way!

ACT ONE of the Chaotic Cheeserolling weekender will take place at THE GULDHALL, Gloucester on SATURDAY MAY 26TH with a real Wasp Factory all star line-up, support coming from Swarf, DUST, Elyzium, Skinflowers *and* Arkam Asylum, with your resident DJ E23 filling the teeny gaps between bands! Kick-off is 8pm sharp with music until 12.30am, tickets are £5 from the box office 01452 505086

ACT TWO is a 2-pronged affair, with the afternoon of Sunday May 27th being taken up with pro-celebrity paintballing and the evening succumbing to the temptation that is Goth karaoke! Full details to be announced shortly…

ACT THREE is the inimitable cheese roll itself on MONDAY MAY 27th… last year saw entries from Arkam Asylum, Dr A, Eris and my foolhardy self risk life and limb for a lump of crud-encrusted fermented curd…and end up with not a little notoriety on Regional television! You can see an overview of the total mayhem at
(all one line) – a coach will be running from Cheltenham to Cooper’s Hill, again, more details to follow soon.

— new Chaos Engine tracks —

It’s not all cheese round here – we are actually working too! Work on our third album, ‘Escape Ferocity’ is continuing at an accelerating rate – there are 2 sneak preview instrumentals at for you to have a listen to, if you’re that way inclined and pining for Napster. The first is provisionally titled LT-MT and is currently trying to sound like Fear Factory gone trance-acoustic (?), and the second is Custom-Built For Hate which comes on like a really annoyed Wolfsheim after too much coffee.

Both previews will appear on – they SHOULD be there now, but it seems like is a bit bogged down since Napster took another beating (oh don’t get me started on THAT one!)

We’re also looking at having a track finished for an Armalyte Industries compilation which is due out in May – more info as soon as we have it!

— vote chaos! —

We did it last year and we’re doing it again this year – yes, once more, you can VOTE CHAOS in the local elections! As part of the Government’s new campaign to encourage you to vote, we’re encouraging you to constructively spoil your ballot-paper by voting for Chaos! Our manifesto at for you to have a look at, but in a nutshell we’re the party for people who think all politicians are the same. If there’s one thing we can confidently claim to be, it’s different!

The first thing you have to do right now is register to vote (and spoil!) in the elections – this is dead-easy to do now, just call 08456 062 062 and the new efficient electoral offices will send you all the info you need. Once registered, you can even stand as a candidate for The Chaos Party!

In order to run for The Chaos Party you must be over 21, be able to get your nomination paper signed by 10 people in your local constituency (so encourage everyone you know to register!) and be prepared to stand up in public and make a noise about the fact that Government policies don’t provide for the young people as much as they should.

If you want to spread Political Chaos in your town, drop us a line at and we’ll tell you what to do! I’ll even provide a prize for the person who gets the most votes!! (actually I’m not sure that’s legal…;¬)

— —

The continually coming-soon update to is coming soon… no really! You can tell we’re serious coz we’re starting to build lots of behind the scenes bits – for instance, you can now have a play on our new message-board which is at – come and tell us what you think of the show so far!

And while we’re on the subject, has had a whole bunch of work done to it recently, including it’s ownm separate mailing list & message board, more info on all the Wasp Factory artists and a handful of MP3s for your aural pleasure.

— —

One for you to have a look at during those quiet office hours – is a great site that collects together reviews, commentary on music and prose, all of which is exquisitely written and beautifully presented. There’s a top review of our ‘Children & Animals’ CD launch which really does do the ensuing madness the justice it deserves, an excellent article on MP3s and some fantastic ramblings by other characters beyond categorisation – just go look, okay?!

— outro —

This spamblast was built with Bionicle lego [ ] and held together with various Lidl food products before being massively hindered by sake and egg-throwing tournaments… you know who you are!!

Lee H THE CHAOS ENGINE 08/03/2001


— Introduction —

Much pinching and punching ahoy! It being the first of the month and all that, we thought we’d keep you duly informed of what we’ve been up to at Chaos Towers to while away cabin-fever during these long winters nights…

— Chaos Engine dates for 2001 – a Disgrace Oddyssey tour —

It seems like we’ve been away from the spit & sawdust of the live circuit for an eternity – and i guess in the hectic world of The Chaos Engine, 4 months without gigs is a long time! However, we’re springing back into the fray with a vengeance – of special note is our gig with the mighty Project Pitchfork on the 8th April and our 2nd Annual Chaotic Cheeserolling weekender – stay tuned for full details including a goth karaoke and life-threatening cheese-chasing antics… you’ll notice this date is at the END of our tour!


Sunday 8th April
The Garage, London
Supporting Project Pitchfork
& with Zeromancer
info: 0208 4504506 / tickets: 01905 773549

Wednesday 2nd May
The Bierkeller, Bristol
Support TBC
info:0117 926 8514

Friday 4th May
The Horseshoe, Portsmouth
with Arkham Asylum
info:07867 765051

Thursday 10th May
Requiem @ Trillians, Newcastle Upon Tyne
info: 0191 232 1619

Sunday 13th May
JB’s, Dudley
with First Offence
info: 01284 253 597

Friday 18th May
The Twist, Colchester
with SynThetic
info: 01206 860925

Saturday 26th May
Chaotic Cheeserolling Weekender – act one
Branson’s, Cheltenham
with Swarf, D.U.S.T. and Elysium
info: 01242 573600

Also, we don’t want to give TOO much away, but this is the last time you’ll see The Chaos Engine in its current incarnation…

— Recording of new album underway —

Parental Advisory studios are positively humming with activity at the moment; as well as having hosted various debauched recording sessions with both Wasp Factory artists Arkham Asylum and Tarantella Serpentine for their debut releases, overseeing the mixing of the new Skinflowers album and the latest tranche of ExitBoy remixes / deconstructions, the decks are now being cleared for the recording of the third Chaos Engine album, titled ‘Escape Ferocity’ current song titles include “Go Offline”, “Televampirism”, “He’s Our Lover”, “Antithesis”, “Wet / Hard”, “Naphephobia” and our entry for best song title EVER, “The Guiting Power Institute for Supreme & Unnecessary Evil”

True to our word, demos at this stage really DO sound like the genetic demon offspring of Britney Spears, VNV Nation and Atari Teenage Riot…! Keep checking the website for MP3 sneak-previews due up in about mid-February.

— Wasp Factory mailing list —

For those of you new to the program, Wasp Factory Recordings is now very much a monster in its own rights. This year we will be releasing no less than EIGHT new CDs from new and fabulous bands – all the info you could ever need on the Wasp Factory roster can be found at our newly updated website at – drop in for the full lowdown on the busieast indie-dustrial label in the world!

In future, we’ll be moving the Wasp Factory list to its own server, so you’ll get spam in Chaos Engine and Wasp Factory flavours separately – two meals for the price of, err, none! Who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch?!

— Outro —

This spamblast was brought to you by a crate of satsumas and a box of ginseng and was not impaired by Tenchu 2, which is a massive disappointment… at this rate we’ll have the album finished *ahead* of schedule…!

Lee H THE CHAOS ENGINE 01/02/2001