Gigs: 2001

8/4/01 The Garage, London

2/5/01 The Bierkeller, Bristol

4/5/01 – The Horseshoe, Portsmouth

10/5/01 Requiem @ Trillians, Newcastle Upon Tyne

13/5/01 JB’s, Dudley with First Offence

18/5/01 The Twist, Colchester with SynThetic

26/5/01 Chaotic Cheeserolling Weekender – act one
The Guildhall, Gloucester with Swarf, D.U.S.T. Elysium, Skinflowers and Arkam Asylum

24/7/01 J D Pepper’s, Cheltenham
With Tarantella Serpentine

28/7/01 The FreeButt, Brighton
With Freudstein

3/8/01 Eurorock 2001
Neerpelt, Belgium on the Wasp Factory Stage

29/9/01 Dissolution@ Hallam Uni, Sheffield
With Dream Disciples & The Way Of All Flesh

17/11/01 The Underworld, London
With The Sepia, Arkam Asylum & Action Direce

24/11/01 Bedlam@ Queen Margaret’s Union, Glasgow

30/11/01 Blackmachine @ Club X, Bournemouth
With The Sepia

1/12/01 Slimelight, London
With Leech Woman

20/12/01 Crackers, Gloucester
With Swarf, Tarantella Serpentine and Psychophile

27/12/01 Trillian’s, Newcastle Upon Tyne

29/12/01 Dickin’s Inn, Middlesborough