“Aggressive and stunningly powerful…of such sheer strength and brutality your neighbours will have to move out. “Purge” is pure spine ripping power…The Chaos Engine are fuelled and ready for the road – a 90 mph trip to hell in the fast lane, motorway madness, goth-style!”
     –Dark Side Central magazine

“The Chaos Engine are now finding themselves spearheading an upturn in the UK Tech Rock scene’s fortunes and proving yet again that anything the Yanks can do, we can do better.”
    –Metal Hammer

“The Chaos Engine are exceptional…Imagine Depeche Mode being given a once over by Godflesh, and you’ll have an idea of their bizarre vision…Definitely to be encouraged.”

“Very large, very dark…frightened? Industrial Goth for the next century. Are you ready to deal with The Chaos Engine?”
    –Melody Maker

“The Chaos Engine are gonna be very, very big…will bring any closet Goth into daylight…Excellent!”
    –Demo of the Month, Gig Central

“The Chaos Engine have an original sound with a thousand facets…excellent samples, lacerating guitars and songs with a bizarre nature, from shakingly violent to apparent calm…An excellent debut!”
    –Marble Moon magazine, Italy

“I can’t stop listening to this, honest Guv!…Stunningly original stuff that fits into the NIN genre…Help The Chaos Engine take over the planet.”
    –Sun Zoom Spark Magazine

“One phrase which would describe The Chaos Engine accurately is “Bloody Brilliant!”…Total Industrial but with an innocuous pop edge…utterly recommended in case you hadn’t guessed.”
    –Naked Truth Zine

“The Chaos Engine are nothing short of amazing…The album I have to say is one of the best I’ve heard in the last few years, combining an Industrial-Techno beat with sinewy Punk/Goth guitar and intelligent lyrics with great samples, interwoven with swarthes of keyboard noise…The Chaos Engine are the band the Prodigy strive to be.”
    –Eaten Alive Zine

“Real double whammy stuff – it’s good when it starts and it’s good when it stops – the ultimate percussive experience…The wheel goes full circle and The Chaos Engine are on course for much wider recognition.”
    –Gig UK Magazine

“A classy first effort from these boys…Fuck Blur and listen to The Chaos Engine”
    –Cyber-Tek Magazine

“A right Industrial-Pop Cruncherama, make no mistake…Instantly infectious”
    –Razorchild Zine

“This trio manage to cover every inch of the stage…Add a pinch of attitude, a lot of style and some frightening props and gimmicks and you are left with a great entertaining live display that just takes your breath clean away. Awesome.”
    –Being Brave Zine

“Imagine that Ministry are forced to spend one day a week jamming with The Lightning Seeds…Are you open minded enough to deal with The Chaos Engine?”
    –Infected Magazine

“A 90’s Post-Electro Industrial band with slightly Gothic hints here and there…I love this sort of music, and I think you will too, ‘cos this band’s got more talent than anyone else I know…My favourite tracks? Oh what the heck, they’re all great!”
    –5/5, Cyrkel Spynn Zine

“A particularly odd one…Conspiracy inspired and ultimately un-conservative music…Lee could, and should be the next Shirley Manson.”
    –Cha Cha Cha Zine

“One of the best tapes I have come across this year…The vocals are excellent, changing styles throughout, and basically all I can say is GET THIS NOW.”
    –Interference Zine

“The Chaos Engine are GOOD. Not just good but VERY fucking good, mind-blowingly good infact. If you haven’t heard their debut CD yet then you certainly have a space that needs filling in your sad little lives, as the band pull together the best industrial sounds and mix them with classic pop to produce a totally fantastic end result…They are incredibly diverse, mainly because most industrial bands whimper at the thought of combining their harsh, grinding sound with – of all things – memorable melodies and lyrics. That’s what this album does – its hard and uncompromising sound goes arm in bionic arm with really good song writing.”
    –Judas Kiss Zine

“If you decide to part with your cash, you’ll end up with a lightweight industrial mass which doesn’t exactly raise the roof but it will annoy the neighbours nonetheless; although mine needn’t run for cover because “Difficult” won’t be on rotation in this household.”
     Sammy Jones, Metal Hammer
(suit yerself , matey – the only time you’d be on rotation in our household is ON A SPIT!)

“The music scared the living piss out of me…but I bet Lee H hasn’t got a girlfriend. Best do as he says.”
    –Zine magazine

“Your music is too POP…you really should mix your music properly…strip away those wimp factor synthetics…weld those words into a STEEL harness of DARK ELECTRO/METAL…this is what I call constructive criticism…”
    –Darryl Hughes, A&R CCP records

“All the reviews are so glowing,I hate to be the one to dampen their ardour, but I don’t get this at all; I just find it too aurally confusing – too much industrial, not enough pop perhaps…”
    –All About D Sine

“You need strong songs…the sound on the tape is a bit lack-lustre…unless you can blow me away with the tape and make it stand out then you’ll just be another “hopeful”…dont give up…”
    –Dan Rogers, Revolver Records

“We have decided to pass on this project…please feel free to continue to send us product”
    –Billie Sylvian, Music For Nations
(We actually received this standard letter twice…)

“My biggest concern is how commercially viable this brand of music now is, I’m not sure and so at the moment I don’t think it would be suitable for our label.”
    –Soundwave studios

“The fact that this industrial/goth three-piece lacks the multi-projection of a drummer brings to a live band is perhaps a biased criticism, but the truth is that not even the childish feet stomping, keyboard bashing, mike-stand masturbating antics of the front man manage to create an atmosphere that makes any difference to the crowd…”
    –Patrizia Mazzuoccio, Metal Hammer

Incidentally, we have our own (moderately libellous) thoughts on why this particular “rock chick” panned our performance…which may have something to do with her post gig “performance” too…! Send us your e-mail address for the full gory tale!