Hard Wired


, Keith Elcome for Hard Wired 
Remember when Industrial music was just that – “Industrial”? Remember the days before it became drenched in ‘just for the sake of it’ samples, and laced with sequenced keyboards? Well, if you do, and yearn for those days again, then this is your lucky day – “Escape Ferocity” is a piece of traditional British Industrial music served up with slabs of ‘in your face’ attitude and guitars.Weighing in with twenty three tracks (causing me to initially think “Wow! They’ve been busy!”), but only fourteen of which are actual tracks (the others being ‘fillers’ between the tracks themselves.), “Escape Ferocity” is a tour-de-force of modern Industrial styles, cradled in a traditional package.

Tracks such as “Me and My Army” and “Custom Built For Anger” show just what this album is about (giving the present day Industrial scene the wake up call it deserves by wet towel flicking it in the goolies!), while “Nerve Opera” and “Naphephilia” are more thoughtful tracks (the latter could almost be classed as a ballad), portraying a deeper emotion in the music and song writing.

Okay, there are samples and keyboards in there too, but they only enhance the music that the guitars give power to.

I can find no duff track on this album – it’s ‘take it or leave it’ attitude is honest and works well. I’d be hard pressed to name a favourite track too – they all have their qualities, but if hard pressed I’d have to mention “Nerve Opera” and “Go Offline”, purely for lyrical content.

If you’re already a fan of Chaos Engine, then you WILL like this album. If you’re new to the fold and looking for a departure from the electronic flooding of the EBM scene, then there’s enough here to get your teeth into. Go and buy this and help secure the future of the British Industrial scene, or lock up your children, Chaos Engine have come for them!