, David J Opdyke for Ambientrance Magazine

If you’re looking for something a little more energetically sinister, you’ll not want to escape The Chaos Engine’s ferocity… a pounding combination of industrialectronics with various rock stylings, seeming to reflect both “new” and early metal (but maybe that’s because lead screecher Lee H O’Chaos has got a bit of an early-Ozzy timbre sometimes, like in the hard-rawking title track…). Semi-ambient moments exist, briefly, in the 0:48 glimmer/glare of Atomised (and a few later experimental interludes), which is immediately followed by the danceable assault of introspective Nerve Opera and the alternately thundering then (somewhat) subdued Rebellion Lite and later, by relatively mellow/melodic Naphephilia.Raging electrons stir through Custom Built For Anger with vocals counterplayed by twinkling synthleads. Ruffly weirdness of The First Law of Averages (0:12) continues into The Second Law of Averages, a short vocal deconstruction-and-arrhythmic-noise piece. Sick, Broken, Happy manages to keep up a buoyant beatiness that lives up to the latter part of its title. Go Offline (4:59) concludes with an anti-computer-life rant. Way off my usual radar screen, but a pleasantly jolting (64.5-minute/23 track) diversion with more-than-expected intelligence; rated a B as such. Buzz over to the Wasp Factory hive.