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DeathBoy (the chap) has been a one man assembly line of funky, dirty and bipolar music since 1996. Starting with nasty dance music and progressing along the way to the sort of minimalist techindustrial of the current works. Somewhere along the line he accidently discovered that he was *very good* at online marketing, getting thousands of hits on his own website and his pages at mp3.com.

Already the man has recorded over 10 albums worth of material, none of it commercially released and built up an enormous international fanbase. For no other reason than the fact that his music is outstanding and speaks to an increasing number of people tired of the expectation that they are expected simply to be satisfied with soulless product.

In 2002, DeathBoy (the chap) moved away from allnight sessions of chainsmoking, chainvodkadrinking, chainmusicwriting and self loathing and formed DeathBoy (the band), fleshing out the sound and creating an awesome live force, already selling out major London venues after a handful of gigs.

Wasp Factory consider themselves proud, nay priviledged, to be chosen to release the first commercial releases from DeathBoy.


DEFTUNES (1998) - Written during university time, old-school DeathBoy breaks and bleeps. A few retro numbers that still get the old trousers moving

A VERY TECHNICAL BOY (1999) - The first experiments into industrial and the first DeathBoy vocals

INVISIBLE (2000) - Crossing over from the old techno ways to the new style. The first tek-step-industrial tracks and a lot of DeathBoy on the mic

MUSIC TO CRASH CARS TO (2001) - The first true album of the New DeathBoy Stylee. Beats and breaks and distortion, guitars and yelling and hatred. Most popular and (possibly) well-rounded album to date

GODKILLER (2001) - "The forgotten album" - despite featuring "Lost Again", one of the more popular tracks to date, this is the one people seem to have forgotten

RIDING THE BIORHYTHMS (2002) - Finished early in 2002, with a scratchier, bit-crushed feel

SELF-HATRED FOR FUN AND PROFIT (2003) - The latest album and a work in progress, continuing the violence and vitriol

MUSIC TO CRASH CARS TO (2003, WASPFAC021) - The first DeathBoy release on Wasp Factory Records.

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